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Pirelli Diablo Rosso 3 On A Diavel Feedback

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Android853sp, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Fitted a set of the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IIIs to Carole’s Diavel and did 160 miles today. The tyres have a noticeably different tread pattern, tread depth and the Pirelli recommended tyre pressure is higher. Given the set of Rosso IIs that were removed were worn to the wear indicators, Carole thought the ride felt very smooth. Biggest difference is the turn in which she felt was much quicker, which IMO, is big improvement. We have 1500 miles touring in France planned for September so should get to see how the tyre wears. Andy
  2. Done about 3k on my hyperstrada and the back tyre is just about finished was hope to get around 5000 mark!
  3. I’ve used these a few times, on a Daytona 675R and my mate has them on his 899. They have the same profile shape as the sportier variants, rather than the traditional more road focussed trend of making the tyre a C shape rather than a V shape. The rear tyre is quite a heavy tyre also, I think it’s thick in the middle to try and better manage heat or something but not sure, either way I think they are decent. Will be interesting to see how the rear holds up on a Diavel
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