Pirelli Diablo Superbike Slicks Info

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by layton20, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. hi I'm off to portimao in april on my 899. and usualy run supercorsas but I have found a good deal on a set of Pirelli diablo superbike slicks sc1 front sc2 rear. whats the characteristics like compared to the supercorsas sp's
  2. they the pro or full fat? pro slightly less grip, last long: ff proper rubber and stick like superglue and more than the sp's

    tyre pressure sensitive in the rear. also assume its a 180.60? suspect profile feels the same
  3. yeah there a 180/60 and here are the 1's I'm looking at getting(SET 120/70/17 SC1 & 180/60/17 SC2 - Pirelli DIABLO SUPERBIKE SLICK RACE Tyres | eBay if there better than the sps then il buy them
  4. I've stopped using them now because the Dunlops are much better but these are better than the Supercorsas. If you have not used good slicks before they will amaze you, elbow down lean angles for the masses.
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  5. Nice, Think il give them a shot then. What Dunlop are you referring to.
  6. Yes, they are the proper rubber not the road rubber if the SBK one :)

    If you haven't bought yet, consider looking t the Bridgestone: £100 cheaper a pair and all reports suggest very nearly as grippy and last twice as long. Try Bob Collins at FWR: he seems to have some good deals out there.
  7. The Dunlops really calmed down the angry R. I think @Sam1199S was recommending trying those Bridgestones to me so those are definitely on the list to try as the Dunlops are super expensive.
  8. I find the Dunlop's move around too much (hard walls) where the Pirellis squash a lot (soft walls).
  9. Excuse me if I wrong...But I didn't think the suerbike slicks were graded 'SC' they;re simply 'superbike sliks'. Bit like 'compK'.
  10. No, definitely SC0-3. For the UK I'd use an SC1 on the front when it was cold but generally I just used SC2 everywhere because the Pirellis drop off pretty badly once they've done a fast day on track and I could squeeze another half day out of an SC2. I was still doing personal bests on a two day old Dunlop even though it was completely worn out, whereas the Pirelli would be sliding around all over the place at that point.
  11. No. They are SC 0/1/2/3 rated (think there is a 3, May not be). I have run 0 (part worn) and they wear out in no time. Pref is 1/2 f/r
  12. Am I thinking Pro?
    Need to check what's on my bike now!
  13. I havn't used them but the Superbike Pros are not as good (sticky) as Supercorsas but they are supposed to last for ages in comparison. A good budget track tyre to consider if you are using part worns which have seen their best anyhow, but in my opinion not good enough for a big Pani if running at a good lick as they will be spinning up too much. Probably a great budget option on an 899/959 though?
  14. Think you may be thinking Pro. They are more like supercorsa road rubber and can (its stated) be used without warmers and last longer. Grip is considerably less ime of used a pair once vs the sbk SC compound tyre :)
  15. To add, farther at interns rather than fast track day. But my mate used them to rave on an loved them: lasted half a season!!
  16. Yup - Pros. Good enough for the likes of me and last like Fred Flintstone's tyres.