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"popping Up" Under Breaking

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Cream_Revenge, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. What's the point really? Everyone does it because everyone does, but what's the actual point?

    I'm not having that it slows the bike down more compared to what the front brakes are capable of.

    Wouldn't keeping in tuck keep the bike more stable and more weigh over the rear wheel?
  2. 1. To slow down and see clearer
    2. and to ready your body position for the corner
    3. Yes it does
    4. No
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  3. 1: next time you approach a set of traffic lights try not breaking and just sit up and let me know how it works out.

    1.5 can kind of get that but can see a breaking point in the tuck and plenty of blind corners on track so a top racer really needs that extra sight?

    2: how does sitting up help me get my arse off and body back down and off to the side?

    3. See point 1.

    4. Why not? I'm more anchored in when tucked, Less likely to slide forward under breaking so would keep weight more at rear of bike.

    I'm going to try it at Snetterton Tuesday.
  4. Braking.
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  5. Of course it slows you down. Air has mass and when you stick your chest up into it at 180mph you can certainly feel it. As said, an elevated head position gives a better view before your next turn in point. Plus gives you're arms better rigidity when hard on the brakes. And I just said hard on :blush: It's something I've always done since my first track day without thinking about it or being told.
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  6. Been on the beer early today matey... ;)
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  7. Everyone does it. Feels natural. But I've been watching people do it since I could watch TV.

    Look at the moto GP riders, they popup a foot, max, you really think it has much of an effect on braking.

    Would love to see a test of 100mph to 0 when popping up like an average rider, a GP rider or staying down.

    I can go a bloody long way sat up free wheeling.
  8. Watch how little a GP rider pops up. It's the next evolution of track rider like elbow down once was. You'll see, you'll all see!!!
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  9. Next track day, try keeping tucked in and braking and turning. Let us know what the gravel and tyre wall is like :upyeah:
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  10. I'll let you know Tuesday!

    Ever see any footage of brake failure on track? I'm pretty sure those guys are sat up at that point but they don't slow down much.
  11. Don't break AC's Honda...…………..:motorcycleduc: :eyes:
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  12. Do you understand the concept of ‘sum its of its parts’? Do you really think that sitting up can replace a fill on yank of a front brake?!

    Helps braking - extra few % wind resistance at higher speeds. Helps braking - better vision. Helps entry - better vision. Helps prepare - better body position.
  13. Watch how much a GP rider pops up.

    I bet if you watched GP classic from 15 yrs back they sat up loads more.

    I reckon it's as much survival instincts and it's what every one has always done as anything else.
  14. Will you stop popping up yourself? :bucktooth:
  15. Can’t believe nobody has mentioned that if you don’t change position and brace your arms then you’ll embed your face in the yoke when you anchor on...

    In a tuck my arms are doing little more than steering whereas under braking I’m still using my core but also bracing with my arms. Maybe it’s just me?
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  16. Nope. CSS talk about not using your arms but watch MGP riders: they all use their arms as a brace. Hence my comments about helping braking: it’s. It just wind resistance
  17. Surely to brace for braking the forearms must be as horizontal as possible. The more upright the body and therefore vertical the arms the more effort required to stop yourself going forward.

    I'm not going to whack the brakes on in full tuck flat out down the back straight and see what happens but I think it needs investigating.

    Most people are way to sat up.
  18. Now i know how all great thinkers have felt over the years!
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  19. Just try it and let us know. Who knows, the whole of the biking and racing world may have been wrong all these years :upyeah:
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  20. Do you mean that they brace with their arms under non-braking conditions? I honestly never thought about popping up to use myself as an air-brake. Suppose extra resistance makes sense but like Exige said, popping up gives you a better view of what’s happening and as I said, it gives me a bit of extra bracing.

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