Portimao - Nl - 7-9th September 2018

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  1. Strayed there as well. Nice place, no good if you go on euros to get on the piss mind you.
  2. Yeah bloody ell, bar was expensive, we use to buy beers at the track have a couple before leaving and then go back shower and go out for dinner, one evening FE put on beers also was great
  3. Were the 2 bed apartments the same price as the double rooms?
  4. No additional charges was well surprised when we entered was a great apartment, 2 bedrooms, one with en-suite and balcony, kitchen, lounge, dinning and bathroom
  5. If you book with someone like NL who include the accommodation, how does it work bringing the WAG's? Can you just add another person for the room?
  6. Cool.
    Sharing can be an issue with my wildebeest snoring...!
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  7. Yes. Imho I’d go with Redline, as less establish so less busy and less racers! Similar cost.
  8. Issue with redline is crappy midweek drop off and pick ups.
    Was just as busy as NL.
    Doris may not like the accommodation as was further from beach.
  9. Yes you just pay extra for the additional person. You can add additional nights for you both as well. When I go back to Portimao next year I'm going to stay extra days to have a bit of time with my OH as well.
    I use the Jupiter Hotel on the front as it's right in the thick of it but it's a half an hour drive to the track.
  10. I spotted that yesterday, looks nice.

    Can you just book track time and the bike transport and sort your own accommodation?
  11. Yes the guy opposite me in the garage had booked an apartment for him and his wife.
  12. I used Tracksense earlier in the year for Valencia and Jerez few weeks apart and Tony and the guys are soo helpful.
  13. I'm at Jerez in 4 weeks , looks very different to Portimao.
  14. If you’ve not ridden Jerez, you are in for a treat. Superb track, except for Jorge Lorenzo corner, the last left hander onto the start/finish straight. I found it a bit of a sod to get right. We’ll be up the road at Cartagena similar time. Andy
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  15. Study this, I found it very useful.
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  16. Mate, that needs a spoiler alert. WARNING : Simon Crafar commentating ! I can’t listen to him for a 1 minute let alone 13. Andy
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  17. If you want to go fast safely around Jerez, suck it up and take it :p
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  18. Already got the safe bit cracked and if going faster requires listening to SC, fuck it, I’m already going fast enough :upyeah: Andy
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  19. On Eurosport now is fp2 supersport.

    But if you want to see stupid fast, check out the middle of the night endurance around there!
  20. Pics are up...:cool:

    Track2.JPG upload_2018-9-15_10-7-33.png
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