Post your Trackday pictures here

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  1. They're great pics. I've been to Portimao circuit, but not ridden a bike around there, but it's on the 'must visit' list
    We're going to Jerez this Nov and Cartagena in Oct for our annual trip, so might try and get an early 2020 visit to Portugal
    It's an easy one to sell to the wife too, as the resort they use for hotels near the circuit is a pretty nice place to just sit on the beach for the day
  2. One of the best I’ve ridden, absolutely loved it.

    Here’s a video of the last session I did
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. First place rookie team NLR endurance @ Cadwell

    Mega chuffed seeing as none of us had ridden Cadwell prior :)


    Below are from Fridays test day hence no orange bib and the wrong number on the bike



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  5. Awesome Adam, well done
    I think you boys had the same shite weather we had racing at Snetterton from what I could see
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  6. Thanks mate! Yeah we had the snow and sleet too o_O We very narrowly missed out on a clubman podium as well, came down to the last lap!

    I need to start figuring out my new suspension as I was really struggling on it.. looking forwards to Anglesey, you coming?

    P.s timer is now working perfect after the reset ! :)
  7. I was watching some of the live timing between races myself, and looked like a fast race too
    Glad to hear timer's working too
    For suspension, have a chat with Colin Leeder at 100% suspension. He's the best in the business in my opinion, and also does most of the BSB paddock's bikes too
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