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Power Commander Monster 1000sie Fitting.

Discussion in 'Monster' started by wadesnj, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. My mechanic is fitting my PCIII USB today and finds that the mounting position suggested, on top of the battery, does not allow the tank to seat correctly. He also found that the instructions were unclear, and the only logical way to connect it was the yellow PC wires to the rear, left, injector and the orange PC wires to the front, right injector. He has connected it like this, and it has started and is running, so we hope it is right! He is now going to load a map for my slip ons and panel filter. Anybody done this job with a DS 1000 motor?

  2. Speak to Dave Wood at DWR in Buckingham, he did my 1000DS Monster and fully mapped it, bloody ace afterwards
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  3. All sorted and running well now. We downloaded the 717-503 map from Dynojet, loaded into the PC III and it seems to be suited well to my BOS slipons and free flow panel filter, retaining the air box lid. Throttle response and mid range improved, really pulls hard through the gears. Now going to try removing the db killers and change the map. Screenshot_20190824-135314.png
  4. Thanks for the info, could probably do with a bit of time on the dyno to fine tune the map, need to find someone a bit closer to me in South Wales! The range of maps from Dynojet is a good starting point.
  5. Fitted by Steve Wells at Zen Motorcycle Engineering today, he relocated the unit to behind the left hand side panel, it fits very well there and the USB port is readily accessible for a laptop connection.
  6. Woody detail mapped mine for each cylinder. Full Sil Moto spaghetti headers, DP cans, K&N with an open lid on the airbox with the cams dialled in, made about 95hp at the wheel but the jump in torque at 3-4000 revs was about 30%
  7. I was amazed at the difference just the new map made with the PC III - throttle response and mid range much improved, so I can see that a custom map on the dyno would yield even better results, especially if I remove the db killers from my slip-ons and remove the air box lid.

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