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  1. Happy days:upyeah::upyeah:
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  2. would that impact driver be able to do the dry clutch centre nut? Just burned out my corded sds drill while working on the house extension (gearbox decided to empty itself), and if a set like this can do both drilling and be of use on bike/car applications, would be very useful.

    that seems to only go to an empty case for £20. Was it meant to link to the same set as the axminster set on offer?

  3. Impact drivers are good for wood screws etc etc, but only have about 100nm. If you want something for really tight bolts, use a half inch drive impact wrench, they have a lot more torque.
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  4. thanks - thought it was too good to be true "Li-Ion impact wrench and drill for <£200"

    looks a bit suspect that. 98V LiIon battery with a 21V charger, and the battery pack is listed as 15Ah (which if it were a standalone battery pack would be around 3kg), yet most reputable firms (DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, etc) temd to have packs around the 4-5 Ah region.

    Not having a go, @Martin D , personally, but I have very little faith in Li Ion powered goods from ebay (check out the back up battery packs for mobile phones, they often have packs that are smaller than your average phone listed at 3000mAh, whereas your phone would be somewhere in the region of 1.5-2Ah, at best, and the packs never actually fully charge your phone in my experience).

    but looking at what has been posted, i can see the torque needs to be a good bit higher than a low priced hobby jobby.

    apologies @Cream_Revenge for the hijack, i will return to my box now :)

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  5. Hi-jack away, i'm not precious.
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  6. Pete & Creamy, I bought these two and a 4.0AH battery which lasts bloody ages either under heavy use or sat in the drawer. Think it was around 300 quid all in give or take.... :upyeah:

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  7. B598F7CA-41AC-476C-9F7B-15A93C623BF6.jpeg
    Can’t fault this one had it many years it’s done loads of work and even fell off a roof once.
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  8. Don’t buy from Screwfix some of their warranties are useless esp with Dewalt

    Check when you buy what the warranty is as the do vary
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  9. Yeah, it was only a sample site I found, actually bought my Dewalt gear from Elliots tools near Totton....

    Have since bought a Dewalt angle grinder as well, they all use the same battery, and the angle grinder would chop a planet in half. Highly recommend Dewalt. :upyeah:

    PS, thought it was a Dewalt warranty and not a screwfix one ? Surely Dewalt must honour it no matter where it's from ??
  10. Surely the warranty is with the manufacturer not the reseller.
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  11. I have not seen a toolbag like that for sometime:upyeah:
  12. .
    For the first 30 days the shop must refund you if the item is faulty.
    After 30 days and up to 6 months the shop must replace or repair or refund (their choice) but it needs to be done in reasonable time.

    If the shop refuses, tell them you will report them to the Ombudsman and they will generally roll over. Everytime the Ombudsman finds against a supplier they have to refund the customer and they get a large fine (£500 I think).

    After six months the manufacturer warranty is your best shot.

    PS. The rules are different for Cars & Motorbikes.
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  13. Festool if you can afford it, then Makita in that order. Not a fan of Dewalt their not the quality they used to be, their chucks are notorious for failing.
    Corded tools ain't popular on site these days unless 110v, so most site lads now use battery power, much safer. Only criticism I have is when the batteries fail, which they will, it's almost cheaper to replace the entire tool than buy replacement batteries.
  14. Extension cords sounding less bad for home use!
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  15. Not according to the FACOM/RS rep who supply about 15 million worth of kit to them a year

    Put your Dewalt serial number details into the Dewalt website I think you can check the warranty there
  16. I did that for all 3 items. They are all registered and covered. :upyeah:
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  17. Iv the 4ah sds drill/ chisel, the circular saw, jig saw, drill/ hammer drill and grinder and find them a fantastic bit of kit.
  18. A bit late chiming in on this, with many years in the trade I have had no trouble whatsoever with Makita, my only experience with Dewalt was when I needed a circular saw in a hurry ( the one I had been using for 15 years a Skill got knocked of a roof, the damage was terminal) the local tool shop only had Dewalt ,I had no choice so purchased it, within a month the gearbox broke, a replacement was given without problem, then after another 12 months the gearbox broke in that one, that was the end of my Dewalt experience, never again, my Makita replacement is still going strong after six years, I still use a couple of Makita routers and a planer I have had for over 20 years, all my battery powered tools are Makita and none have let me down.
    Just my experience as a tradesman that use them every day.
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