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Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by Ash Hussain, Dec 1, 2020.

  1. Hi chaps,
    What’s a good price to pay for a Ducati XDiavel S in the current climate, In your opinions?
    Bike has 9000 on the clock, 2 previous owners. Black. And a termi system with full dealer service. Being sold at a dealership.
    need to do some haggling and was wondering where I should start without offending the guy. :)

    Thanks guys.
  2. If he’s a dealer he won’t be offended, it’s just business to dealers.
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  3. Very true. :)
  4. What is the dealer asking and where do you want to be ? Andy
  5. Dealers asking £13500 but I’m not sure if it’s a good price or not. Ive tried to do a comparison but the price does vary considerably... I got to say it’s in excellent condition and it does have the termi.

    How does the price sound to you?
  6. Oh, he said he will throw in delivery. That’s about £200 at a £1 a mile.
  7. What year is the bike/spec?
  8. 2016, 9000miles, 2 owners. Full Ducati SH, 1yr MOT, Full Termi system, black. 6mths warranty. Free delivery.
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  9. Apologies, one more question, the last of the 1200 or the first of the 1260 ? Andy
  10. 1260
  11. IMO and based on the deal when we bought a Supersport just before the second lockdown, I’m pretty sure you are not going to be able chip the asking price but I would try and get the warranty upped to 12 months (Ducati EverRed ain’t cheap). You could also try and squeeze an accessory for the bike or a deal on a piece of clothing or helmet. We got heated grips plus the fitting in the end and free fitting on the radiator guards and handle bar spacers I bought separately. There is an old say, “you don’t get if you don’t ask but don’t expect a polite reply”. Andy
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  12. Thanks Andy. Much appreciated. I will def request something. You’re right if I don’t ask I won’t get.
  13. Put the registration into one of the bike buying web sites

    See what they offer (as if you were selling it) then add on between 1500 and 2000 to get the retail...

    Seems a lot to me for a 2016 bike... but not really looked at X Diavel.

    If you are buying using dealer PCP - then look at monthly on a new bike - because you may find the monthly payment is not much different as second hand will normally attract higher APR Interest rates.



    Last one is 17 Plate
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  14. I'm very sure sales are slowing down at this time of year now and also not many customers for that particular model,i could be wrong of course with that statement,but throw in a cheeky offer and leave it at that,walk away & wait for the phone call.
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  15. ..dealers love lack of trade ins at this time of year. At least 500 under. The worst that happens is you up the offer, pay the full price..if you have to. But its not like there is a shortage of mint low miles bikes in the UK. You say 200 delivery at £1 a mile, so at that distance he is not going to see you again. Its all about clearing stock before the new year imo.
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  16. Best bet is email an offer. BUT be ready to act.
    I made a cheeky offer on a 1200gs a few years back. I think it was Bahnstormer at Alto, down south any way. Got a message back saying yes, but needed a deposit the next day. Obviously the guy wanted to make sure there was no bullshit at a giveaway price. Got £1000 off. Negotiated the delivery after. At a cost of 250.
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  17. Thanks for all the messages guys. Agreed at £250 off list price. Free delivery and a dust cover.
    Could have probably got better if I walked away. But I got impatient. Lol.
    Hopefully delivery for Friday.

    Now I gotta find a tail tidy.
  18. Here it is.

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  19. Made my own during lockdown.

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  20. Oh wow. That’s gorgeous. You don’t have any close up shots do you?
    Is it a side line hustle or was it a one off?
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