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Printed T-shirts?

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by Dave, Jan 24, 2019.

  1. Does anyone have any good contacts for design of graphics and printing of t-shirts?

    I'm thinking of maybe getting some done for the forthcoming Forum Trip to the Ardennes at Easter.

    Cheers :)
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  2. I got some printed last year for a European MV Turismo event, used this place. Easy on-line tool to create the design, you need to design the logo yourself. You can use multiple colours, you used to have to pay more for additional colours with regular screen printing so this must be some sort of inkjet type affair. The shirt that I kept is fading a little after many washes but seems pretty resilient.

  3. Better get bigguuns
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  4. Cute :blush:
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  5. Honestly, cheapest route is vistaprint online, recently had some DibbleCorse ones done ....
  6. LOL. Just the design photoshoped onto a photo of a hipster in a black T, sorry to disappoint.
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  7. The link that Char posted is my mate, Rick.
    He has printed half a dozen different designs of shirt for UKMOC in recent years.
    You might even have one of the WDW shirts yourself already ( although sadly, probably the red one which was kinda basic).
    He's rather more of a printer than a designer, but if you have a design idea, he will develop it to a printable level.
    He's a good man.
    Tell him jeff sent you.
    Also, he lives just 100yds from my house so if you need any liason, just let me know.

    Here are links to a couple of my favourite shirts.

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  8. Effort #1

    Yes, it's a Multistrada... I'm biased OK, plus I think they will be in the majority on this trip.

    Not quite sure where we stand using the Ducati logo as well as their marketing image that I converted to line art...? Small print run, not for sale publicly... we could maybe get away with that.
  9. People get away with it on Ebay and Amazon so you will be fine :):upyeah: ask permission and it will take months and you will probably get a standard corporate no.
    No Forum logo though :eek:
  10. Yep, you're probably correct on all counts.

    Would need to find suitable font, not sure if the DUCATI one is available publicly, will have a look. That's unless the powers that be have a high res version? Didn't want to make it too busy either, could replace the Ducati logo with it I suppose.
  11. Google Images - they are high enough res for printing t-shirts. Plenty of Ducati Logo's or Google: Ducati Forum Logo
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  12. Thanks

    Ducati Forum logo, biggest on GI is 400px sq, not really up to scratch. Apparently font is Univers ExtraBlack which I have as well as Univers 45 Light which is the typeface they use for PERFORMANCE.

    So, offer this as an alternative


    Also used a red rather than the 'brick' colour as in first image. However, printer will likely not get that spot on anyway...
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  13. Forum logo better option :upyeah:
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  14. How about ducati engine internals over a specific bike.... :)
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  15. Should definitely add a cheeky engine reference slogan on the back, maybe...

    “I’m cheating on my wife with twins” or “my wife’s at home whilst I’m riding twins”
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  16. Well 4 out of 12 by my approximation anyway ;-) ....

    @DaveH - Not even European
    @bradders - Not even Italian
    @Andy800 - Not a Multistrada
    @J biker - Not a Multistrada
    @Braz - Not a Multistrada
    @Bumpkin - YES it’s a Multistrada
    @Pete1950 - YES it’s a Multistrada
    Julian W - Not a Multistrada
    @Tim W - YES it’s a Multistrada
    Stuart - Not a Multistrada
    @MaDProFF - Not even Italian
    @7ony - YES it’s a Multistrada
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  17. I dream about twins? (German, Italian...o_O..)
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