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Private Plates

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by mike willis, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. Also, pretty sure when I was working in the city I saw a Roller with the reg SK1 NT.
  2. That's never been a UK issued format...
  3. Greek diplomatic car?
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  4. In the 70's I used to see a red Triumph Herald opposite my pal's house in N Finchley. The car belonged to the son of the Chief Superintendent or Assistant Chief Constable, reg number was OKP1G.. the number is still in circulation
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  5. Chizel spotted ....
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  6. £250..... cheaper than the real thing Screenshot 2020-03-15 at 17.49.36.png
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  7. Double T? It was a goodly while ago.
  8. maybe given the fascination with hoarding loo rolls.... £599 Screenshot 2020-03-16 at 08.49.08.png
  9. 17 Reg S4Rs are none too thick on the ground!
  10. Got V**NCR on my Hypermotard, keep hoping some filthy rich Millona owner will offer me huge amounts of dosh for it. Only really work for me if they're vehicle specific. Best I've seen. years ago, was 21DLE on a 2CV...
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  11. When I was a Yoof I had a Mini 1000, it had the number plate CAB 911N, some one told me when I sell the car keep the plate, it’ll be worth a fair bit for someone with a Porsche convertible. Of course, I never listened. Suppose it would’ve been worth a bit to the right person?
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  12. Or just look sweet on the deathstar ? Sorry il get me coat o_O
  13. I have about 20 private plates, nothing exciting.

    90% end in ED J....

    I just like it.

  14. I've got a couple.
    Sold my 999 Xerox rep plate to forum member.
  15. Just bought a plate from DVLA , it's for my next purchase.

    Plate is GT** DUK, £250 all in.
  16. I bought a CX500 from a workmate years ago, it was laid up in his shed, it had been his Dad's. The old man had passed away, so he just wanted to be rid of it and only wanted £250.
    I rode it home, decided I wasn't going to keep it, then noticed the number plate OLG 430 Y. I put an ad in Loot, 'Is OLGA 30?' The plate sold for £850 and the CX sold, with a new reg, for the £250 I'd paid for it..
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