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  1. If anyone is interested I have recently created a Facebook page which will cover the build process in detail of my brand new V4S. The bike was delivered to me directly from the dealer and has covered a total of 2 miles following it's initial PDI. As you will see from the pictures which will follow shortly on FB, this is a massive undertaking and not a process I would recommend to others unless you are prepared to put in a lot of work and time and you are confident to take on such a challenge. Incidentally, before anyone asks, I am well aware of the warranty implications here. For me personally, as has been the case with all my previous bikes, it is purely and simply driven by the need to build the bike to the exact spec I want. Not necessarily throwing money at it, more a control over the quality of the build process as opposed to it being assembled at the factory, where constraints on time dictate that even at this price point, not everything goes together quite as well as it could, something that has become evident during the strip down process and which I will explain as I go forwards, with some very interesting discoveries!

    Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/V4SUnica
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  2. Hopefully I’m now stalking, no, following your build page :upyeah: Andy
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  3. Me too :upyeah:
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  4. Subscribed.

    Can you replicate on here? I don't always have access to FB. Long story, often in African oil fields...
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  5. Following...
  6. I wil try and post up the odd picture, but I am trying to avoid having to manage the page as well as updating a thread on here as well. It is also a more universally accessed (US and Europe) platform than a niche UK forum hence my preference. Nigeria by any chance? Worked there for three years myself.
  7. Yes, for my sins. :):upyeah:

    I'll get the FB stuff when I'm on the beach but wifi is shite out here. Takes ages to open pics or vids :mad:
  8. Yes mate, delivered just before I went in for surgery on my back. Now sat in the garage all wrapped up waiting for me to recuperate so I can run it in. Andy
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  9. Why don't you go inside and have a cuppa in front of the fire. Surely you'll be more comfortable....
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  10. Nice one, someting to look forward to in the Spring. GWS after your back Op
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  11. Just too bloody quick for me this morning. Andy
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  12. Stripdown complete. The build starts this weekend, then there will be a break whilst I wait for parts to come back from the Cerakoting company. Here's the bike at present. You can keep an eye on it's progress over on FB.

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  13. Hmmm, seems like shitloads of effort for very small return/benefit. I envy the fact that you find the time for it! Fair play :upyeah:
  14. You could make a Ducati chess set out of all the bits lying around:upyeah::p
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  15. Crikey, that strip down didn't take long! Somehow I think it will take longer to put together to your exacting standards. Excited once again to follow this project... I would say unique, but it's now one of an amazing series!
  16. OP probably has each square referenced. For example- engine 'sitting on H (black) 12' :)
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  17. Looking forward to seeing the rebuild
  18. interesting thread. Im guessing all warranty is null and void?