Putoline Dx11 Chain Oil

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  1. Does anyone use Putoline DX11 chain lubricant? Fella in the shop recommended it so I bought a tin. Wondering what others think of it in terms of not gunging up our chain and not flinging all over the place. Seems ok to me but I'm not exactly experienced in such things.
  2. Tried loads - havent tried that one - but Wurth takes some beating.
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  3. Everyone recommends it - sod it I’ll just buy a can. It’s the high performance dry chain lube right (as opposed to chain wax)?
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  4. Wurth Dry
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  5. Yep

    You won’t go back.
  6. The Profi Dry Lube is better than the Wurth Dry Lube... but 2 x cost and more difficult to get...

    But the Wurth does a great job... but chain sounds dryer than the Profi version... both equally good at keeping clean and avoiding fling.

    For the Wurth.. its cheap enough that you can use it with a heavy application as a cleaner... to keep chain clean for 1000 miles - reapplying heavily every 250 to 300 miles... (apply to same area 2 or 3 times)

    First application softens old lube, second one blows off the dirty old lube, third one blows off the almost clean lube from round 2 and lubes chain...

    I get about 1000 miles a can doing this...

    Then I clean the chain at 1000 miles with something like GT spray (but you can use anything you want) then dry and apply two coats of Wurth...

    Costs about £7 a can off ebay when you buy a box..
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  7. Yeah I use it - on the recommendation of the guys at ProTwins. (Daresay like you !!) Think I’ve probably put in on a bit thick, as I do get some fling off....not a lot, but some. The first ride after I’ve used it, I tend to just do a wipe down of the bits where any ‘fling off’ has stuck....then it ok. Happy that it’s never ‘gunged’ up, tho behind the front sprocket cover can get a bit gungy over time. Tend to take that off and clean it for my winter ‘store the bike’ period. Cheers Nick
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  8. worth all day long, keeps the chain nice and clean. I won't use anything else now as tried most variants which cause more mess that their worth.
    I have lot's of three quarter full cans of all the other brands that litter my garage like most other bikers I know.
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  9. After trying many chain oil/wax on road/track and especially offroad(dust and muddy conditions) I believe the best/cheapest option is gearbox oil+ a good quality x ring chain. Needs a thin layer applied with brush then cleaning with a rag to remove excess.
    Don't forget there are O or X rings to keep the grease around the pins, therefore the chain lube only lubricates between rollers and sprocket.
    A 1L bottle of Comma SX75-90 Semmi Synthetic should last for years and only £7/bottle.
  10. This was posted in another thread on chain lube a couple of weeks back - interesting. In short, if I interpreted it correctly, either use nothing or gearbox oil as per @alexko above.
  11. shame it never tried the Wurth in camparison
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  12. @NRG_Mutley actually I’m using it on the recommendation of a guy in P&H.