Question About Engine Braking...1098r Vs 1299 Panigale

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  1. Not a problem (Hopefully!), just wanted to know about a bit more about engine braking...

    So the question arose whilst riding my 1098R, noticed that the engine braking effect is noticeably, not a lot, but noticeably, lower than on my 1299.

    I guess the 1299 will naturally have a larger engine braking effect anyway, however, I didn't think the differences in the engines would be that great that the effect would be noticeable.

    Not sure if it's linked, but another thing I've noticed is when I rev the bikes with the clutch dis-engaged, the revs on the 1098R drop slightly slower than the 1299? EBC on the 1299 is also set to minimum intervention.

    So, does this sound normal?
    Does the 1098R have some sort of EBC, I didn't think so...? My understanding of EBC is that it reduces the effects of engine braking by still applying a tiny bit of throttle?
    If not, maybe I have a sticky throttle?
  2. The 1098R is as basic as they come, the extent of the engine braking is a function of how many gears the slipper clutch will let you bang down the box. Never ridden the 1299 but thought it has electronics you can use to dial in the level of engine braking. Andy
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  3. Closest thing a 1098 can have to ebc is a good slipper clutch and a high tickover.
  4. My old 1198 had enormous engine braking until I fitted a good quality slipper clutch. I prefer little to no engine braking personally as I like to carry speed thru the corners. The 1198 was much better with one fitted than it was before. In my view too much got in the way of me setting up for a turn. It made me turn in too early.

    My 1299, I put the EBC on the toggle switch and adjusted it depending on what I was doing. I dialled it up a bit on downhill hairpins in the alps to help my wrists and braking grip, when on flat or uphills I dialled it off again. You have to use race mode to use the toggle, but as I am permanently in race mode, thats no biggie. I have it set to offer as little engine braking as possible and I liked it. Was damned handy coming down Ungine pass to add a bit more. Im still experimenting with it a bit though. What my friends notice is that I dont brake anywhere other than before the turn on the upright, what little engine braking that the lowest setting is was plenty to settle the bike. I wish I could be more scientific but Im still learning.
  5. It's funny how we all develop different styles. I'm pretty much the exact opposite to this. I like the engine braking on my 1098R. I do of course run a slipper clutch. On a closed throttle at speed with engine braking 'on' so to speak, I can pretty much forget about the front tucking as I turn in because the front tyre will be loaded. I prefer to negate engine braking with a sniff of throttle if needs be.

    I can see this V4S with all it's electronic pixies is going to give me sphincter twitch here and there before I get the hang of it :eek:
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  6. Set mine on the 1299 to maximum engine brake, the bikes have moved on but I haven’t so the appeal to me of a twin is the engine braking. Can drive those behind me nuts though as no brake light warnings:)
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  7. Max engine breaking also means wiggly arse on entry to roundabout at speed. What’s not to like :upyeah:
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  8. Braver than me Bradders, I like it all in line and settled. Wiggly butt would give me the heebeejeebees.
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  9. Clearly I’ve got less engine braking than I thought. The only time my arse gets wiggly is when I’m trying to shuck my leathers. Andy
  10. It’s ace on a multi over rough roads, weaves and bucks everywhere (feels like that, even if it doesn’t look like it ;) )

    Brake harder and go down more gears and dump clutch....done ;)

    Any chance to post a video ;) End of the finish straight and a coupe of other heavy braking corners, you can see the bars shaking left to right....that was followed by the rear but on opposite fun I have had on track in years! This is end day one, chasing a mate who races on his R6 in inters omcc day...maybe I’ll book the multi on track again

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  11. I'm in the camp of people with the EBC off, so full engine braking left on on the 1299.

    I remember once switching EBC on full to reduce the engine braking, and the next bend I came to, scared myself senseless as I didn't brake enough thinking the engine braking was coming...but it didn't... to me it felt like I had left the throttle open.
    Switched it back off after that. Think I'm just used to the engine braking and prefer it.
    I might try turning it back on one level at a time and see if I prefer it!

    Lol about the rear getting squirrely! I had that quite often on my previous CBR, but not on the 1299. I thought the traction control stops the rear from locking up?

    Interesting comments about the slipper clutches though.. I thought the slippers function was to prevent engine over rev, rather allowing the clutch to freewheel even at moderate/low revs?
    I like all this technical stuff!