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1299 Question, Pani 1299 Or V4

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by noobie, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. Which would you choose and if you have had experience of both, what are the plus's and minus's of each model?
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  2. Opened a can of worms here.
    'waiting with my popcorn'
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  3. 1299 = torque, hard work in towns
    V4 = power, refined, smooth
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  4. Depends what model you are talking about from each range?

    V4 = Claymore.
    1299 = Sabre.

    Both are stunning in their own right and more bike than most mortals could ever exploit.

    Looks are subjective but the 1299 is generally agreed to be the looker. I agree on this.

    V4 is insanely fast everywhere - the gift that keeps giving.

    I (controversially) find the 1299 easier around town only because my V4 got sooooo hot it upsets itself, dropping to 2 cylinders and cutting out occasionally. That might have been due to the hot summer but I doubt it. Having said that, neither like slow traffic so best avoided.

    V4 is bloody complex - see how long it takes to change the spark plugs for instance (or the exhaust).

    Nice problem to have would be my summary.
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  5. Had the 1299s on road and track good bike traded it for the v4s better on the road i can tell you just so much smoother and easier to ride am soon to find out what its like on track ppl say its better on track aswell as the 1299s was just hard work but after owning the v4s ad never go bk to the 1299s the v4 just seems so much better at doing everything .....track aswell as ppl say am yet to find out
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  6. V4 if you want to start a trackday
    1299 if you want to finish one
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  7. The V4 dropping to 2 cylinders (the front ones) when hot and stationary is intentional.
  8. But not when riding at c20mph......
  9. Had the 1299.
    Now have a V4.
    The V4 is smoother, faster and an easier bike to ride.
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  10. Why?
  11. 1299 if you want the theatre and rawness of riding a powerful twin with bags of character (not without its quirks/faults).

    V4 if you want a more refined, smoother, crazily fast and efficient bike that you can ride for longer with less aches and pains.
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  12. Got a V4S for track days only. It’s fucking brilliant.
    I’ve got a 1098R too, which I love, but the V4S is next level better in all areas.
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  13. Buy my friends V4 and get a bargain !
  14. I have yet to see a new model that is inferior to the predecessor. (at least based on lap times)
    If for road use, I believe anything above 130hp is overkill. Therefore buy the one you like strictly after test riding both.
  15. Just changed my 959 for a V4S; for the street it is mentally fast.

    Can't wait to give it the beans at Portimao...but I suspect it may frighten me :)
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  16. I'm sure some of you read / have read PB.

    The Rutter test has the 2018 V4S lapped at 1:36.33 around Donington. The 2017 1299 Panigale S lapped at 1:36.71. Both standard spec & tyres.

    So it's a bit faster, and so it should be.

    I prefer the twin for reasons not to do with outright performance (i.e. looks, size, ergonomics, sound, theatre, physicality, challenge, relative reliability!).
  17. What dates you at Portimao ? A few of us going out to the mid Nov NL event ....
  18. Fe early Nov
  19. Cool, enjoy, its an awesome circuit of you've not been before ....
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  20. I'm there 7th - 10th with FE.
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