Featured R1 In The Garage

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by cookster, May 10, 2019.

  1. Well the r6 didn't last long guys , nice bike but not enough grunt.

    Here's the replacement it's a 2008 r1 and it's bonkers only ridden it round the block but I feel so much at home on it than I did the r6.
    IMG-20190503-WA0006.jpg IMG-20190503-WA0004.jpg IMG-20190503-WA0002.jpg IMG-20190503-WA0001.jpg
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  2. Bonkers indeed matey
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  3. Nice :upyeah:
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  4. They are great bikes, Had one new in 2005
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  5. Got to be a buzz putting that on the stop.
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  6. Only thing I want to change is the short levers can't stand um.:mad:
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  7. Enjoy!
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  8. You'll just need the rossi matching leathers neXt;),keep it sunny side up and nail it:upyeah:
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  9. Nice 180ish bhp on tap , these have the ram air don’t they , very rideable and great value ,
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  10. Very quick bikes, had a lot of fun on my 06 version, mine in France 2008 with ltd edition R1 just hidden behind it in the picture...the wasps especially liked that bike, and the rider too in one piece matching yellow leathers (never laughed so much each time we stopped they went straight for him..)

    Verdon copy.jpg
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  11. that looks as tidy as my wife
  12. Nice one cookie.. was gonna reply on the R1 forum but am on here more .. its hard to get your head around a 600 when you're used to litre bike point and squirt.. i did the same a couple of years back.. my 600rr only lasted me about 6 months!! Enjoy the yammie.. fab bikes and amazing handling!
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  13. Had a 2008 that I used on track, thing was an animal. They are completely different with a flash
  14. Yeah this one has had decat, m4 exhausts on it and remap , but I'm going to get it on the dyno just to make sure it's fuelling right. The rear sets are a work of art too.

    @frazzle Yeah mate the 600 was a good bike but just not enough , I should have known better really .
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  15. Had a 2007 myself. Absolutely rapid and the last sports bike I owned before getting the multi
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  16. @JH_1986 same bike I belive bud 07 and 08, I've spoken to a few yam fans and they reckon the earlier bikes are better than the big bang bikes.
  17. Just needs some gold lightweight wheels.....
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  18. I didn’t think it would take you long :grinning:
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  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^like this one:upyeah:
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  20. Im going to get it on the dyno first @Cream_Revenge before I start throwing money at it.
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