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R1m Or Rsv4rf

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by mvman, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Looking to buy either a late R1M or a Rsv4rf, my heart says RSV head says R1m, I intend to keep it and run it for a number of years. What are your thoughts?.
  2. Well none of the above will stir your soul.... So just buy a nice exotic Ducati... job done with 3 options confirmed :D

    My work here is done:innocent:
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  3. R1M the engine is supposed to be mint
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  4. Really not very inspiring to ride on the road. Massively uncomfortable, like really bad ergonomics. Motors a peach when it’s singing! but when it’s not it has a really glitchy throttle response. Gearing is all way too tall for a road bike, brakes are really wooden compared to the latest and greatest from Brembo. Good track bike with very little work. Horrible horrible road bike! 659062F1-C580-4149-99DF-8614AA7DE856.jpeg
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  5. You need to ride both... I've not owned either but currently have an 18 plate R1, and before that had an RSV4 Factory 2014... Love the R1... 2018 bikes have updates that solve the throttle shitness in the earlier bikes and also a blipper... I wouldn't say it's quite as bad as Dave would have you believe as a road bike... BUT the Aprilia has better ergos.... I'm sure the RF is much better than the older 2014 model but I traded mine in against the R1 because simply it's a better bike, bar the brakes which as Dave said are very wooden and the ABS can be a pain on track... Although decent pads have helped a fair bit.... Ride them both and see which works for you! Both great bikes.. :upyeah:
  6. Thread moved
  7. Id go r1m.
  8. Are those for the road, nope. Track. Want a bike for the road get an ADV
  9. My mate uses his RSV4RF on track and he’s currently terrified it’s going to drop a valve and blow up, for good reason as I think that’s fairly common!
    I know all bikes have their little niggles but engine failure is a bit much, no matter how good the noise is!
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  10. Think the zx10 or gsxr are better value for money
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  11. But they miss that certain........what do the French say......."I don't know what".
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  12. Yeah hard choice but a good problem to have.
    I'd go R1M, that noise man.
    Moto line has a 18 plate in atm for like 16.5k I think. 3k miles, but with a Yoshi :poop:. Easy fix.
  13. My mates RSV4 RF at the moment. He's having all the valve springs replaced as a preventative measure after mine dropped a valve. Circa £1500 :eek:
    eng.jpg valves.jpg
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  14. Je ne sais crois?
  15. "Do I want a ham and cheese sandwich"????
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  16. How often should that be done?
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  18. To be relatively safe every 6000 track miles which is about 6 years for him.
  19. That's not "to bad" then.
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