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Random 'ducati' Picture Thread

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Exige, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. My first thought was, not completely unattractive, my second thought was me Bernard Miles gushing with blood! :thinkingface::sob:
  2. You know what they say don't you,No pain No gain in life.
  3. There is some truth to be had chief, difference between pain and abject torture! :scream:
  4. Just down some bloody mary's and you'll be fine.
  5. Dont drink anymore chief, so no bloody mary but to get back to pics......bloody fang
    bloody fang.jpg
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  6. This is Maria by the way
    Maria Ducati 002.jpg
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  7. Looks like she has form with that there rear end,my pulse is working again,many thanks:upyeah:
  8. Magnificent sculpted rear, the Ducati has some attractive lines too. :blush:
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  9. bloodyfang mh2.png bloodyfang mh1.jpg
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  10. Why is it that 95% or more of custom bikes look like you have to have no balls to ride them?

    Forget a wife. I could argue with a wife. There is no arguing with your balls. They say we cant ride this... you cant.
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  11. What Ducati :)
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  12. Or big ones.
    The few we've had here for repairs have had serious issues. Steering, brakes and exhausts that defy running the bike near a runway for fear of frightening the aeroplanes.
    For some reason "modifiers" think that every master cylinder is matched to every caliper.
    Sometimes the ratios are seriously wooden or silly soft.
  13. Remember...
    Modify is for looks...
    Update is for performance...

    All perspective. When I repaired things at home I might have bent something to make it work... As soon as I was being paid I "Re Formed" them instead ;)

    Besides, They will almost all only be ridden to coffee and home.

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  14. Red dress and panties,this is the bike that's on everybody's lips at the minute,could also be my next avatar?
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  15. Yeah, lovin’ that street scene!
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  16. and just how do you know this?.. :thinkingface:
  17. Straight out of Candlewick Green by the looks of things.
  18. A forum thread.:upyeah:
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  19. My lips would NOT be on the Bike

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