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  1. holly shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no,,,,,,,,, holy fkn shit man !!!!!!!!,,, some incredible recoveries there,,,,,,i love watchin vids like that,, I hope they can keep me going nice n slowly and safely. slow in,,, slow out !!!:upyeah:
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  2. Are you doing the Hokey Cokey
  3. well if you see me on a bike you might think so !! ( except on my mountain bike then it is all so soooo macho !! )
  4. Is that in Lycra
  5. Nah it looks GAY with the stabilizers on
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  6. so ,, I need stabalisers,, is that a problem ??,, can still slide the back wheel. :) ( mtb ers don't wear lycra, not allowed )
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  7. Whys that
  8. If that shit had happened to me I would of stopped and smoked several fags.
  9. couldn't possibly comment, ( seeing that the PC police have already been active )
  10. See my little pink number only just taken the stabilizers of it this summer

    2012-09-15 - 06.jpg
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  11. and unfortunately , like Barry , you might not have been here to have a laugh with us all,,,,,, why did someone not tell him,, such a waste..
  12. are you doing some sort of " into the future " stuff,,, thot u waz nt getn the Dark intil nxt month ??
  13. LOL its my old 848 Evo pic is couple years old now :(
  14. Got couple pics of the 1199 as they are doing bits n pieces to it for me.

    1199s Dark Stealth - 00.JPG 2014-12-12 01.JPG 2014-12-12 02.JPG 2014-12-12 03.JPG
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  15. so not your Dark ?
  16. The one with the pink bike was my 848 Evo Dark

    The pics of the 1199s is my new dark got some snaps of it after they had put the Rizoma pots on and ASV levers
  17. lookin pure dead brill mate !!!
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  18. BTW,, what are the wires / leads coming from the tops of the forks all about ?
  19. Its the S mate full electronic suspension, depending what mode your running in it alters the suspension, stiffer for race mode softer for wet and I also think it depends on how much throttle your giving it.