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  1. Thanks mate, still got a couple more things I would like to add to it but will wait till its been delivered.
    I really want to change that clutch cover.
    Oh and they do anodised black yokes too.
  2. ooooohhhhhhhhh,, I want that,, looks soooo cool !!!:Shamefullyembarrased:
  3. I aint the sharing caring type "GET YOUR OWN" :D
  4. You just know I am going to piss my pants the first day I take it out :)
  5. ok,, just the one side then ??????
  6. that's ok,, if you wearing dark trousers no one will notice,, but if you sh*t your self that is very diferent !!
  7. Vince has someone borrowed your pink bike? I see the seat has been put up.
  8. No I grew a couple of inches
  9. I borrowed it :)
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  10. Hot fuglystrada action...

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  11. There's a motorbike in it somewhere...

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  13. The Johnnies, FUCK YEAH!!!!! Haven't heard them for years, they came to Invercargill in the late '80's early '90's, they were fantastic, a fight broke out in the crowd between about a Dozen Sheila's, and the lead singer gave a running commentary while the band kept on playing. I think they were impressed by how vicious the fight was. Buzz Buzz Buzz Buzz, my Buzzsaw Baby really cuts me up.
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  14. There's a surprising selection of their stuff on youtube, I put bleeding heart in my top ten on the other thread and it reminded me of this song and holy shit there it was!!!
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