748 Rcs19 Corsa Courta

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  1. Did anybody install RCS19 brembo on their 748,9xx
  2. I had one on my old 853 track bike, was a good mod.
  3. I had one on my 916SPS bitsa.
    Also had 4 pad Brembo’s, individual lines and HPK discs.
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  4. I am just about to fit one to my 998 the second it arrives in the post. I'm hoping it will make a big difference!
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  5. I fitted one a few months back.
  6. Don’t see the point of an adjustable master cylinder when Brembo recommend a 19 radial master cylinder for the all of the Ducati 916 family twin front disc. Don’t see the point at all. Andy
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  7. Got one on my 853. It's a noticeable improvement.

    Fit some SBS RS pads too and you have as much stopping power as the chassis can cope with, IMHO.
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  8. Thanks , was curious if they worked :ducati parts manager wasn't too sure
  9. May I ask, a noticeable improvement over what ? Andy
  10. Ian, did your brake lines fit, banjo bolt in the same position ? Aftermarket banjo bolt needed? Where did you get the bracket for the reservoir
  11. Hi mate. Got new lines made up from Hel as I wanted to use a brake line splitter fitted to the bottom yoke (after seeing andy’s @final_edition ’s set up. Just having 1 line coming off the front master is better IMO as that area’s already a bit crowded. Just used a single banjo bolt as I fitted the banjo brake light pressure switch onto the front calliper. Made the brackets up at work.

    426B5517-4468-4AEF-BCE4-C9CFCF7CD036.jpeg 5481EDE3-3628-479D-8C68-23B8A74AF6CD.jpeg

    Top photo shows the pressure switch fitted to the master. Moved it to the calliper after

    Cheers, Ian
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  12. That's not an RCS but I'm sure it's the same arrangement.
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  13. Yes, that’s it. Came off a 998rs IIRC. There’s no provision for a brake light switch.
  14. Thanks Ian

    I was looking at this setup to retain the or lines as I just got giodridge recently


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  15. Everything is fitted, only issue I have come across is the Brake side, OÉ kill switch won't fit too, there is what looks like a stop pin on the underside of the bar

    Ducabike do a swith for the rcs but I will need to wire it into the oe plug

    Any ideas?



  16. How much are they charging for that?
    I got one very similar for my 1098 from wrs.com in San Marino for under 90€.

    The master cylinder should be inboard (to the left) of the kill switch normally. Then it would fit (it did on my 916 with RCS master cylinder).
  17. Thanks ricky

    I just threw it there for the picture, there is a pin in the underside of the handle bar, rcs don't have provision like the oe clamp to accept the pin, it's to ensure correct position , I was told you can pull the pin out with a pliers, was holding off till I researched it but ducabike do an rcs clamp with built in button, I taught I might have to get that, bolted it up for bleeding aand to measure master to reservoir argon line, I had to cut to measure
  18. I removed the location pin , no full lock the brake lever hits the Rev cluster ; will have to stay where it is and a Ducabike switch will need to be wired in
  19. I have a set of RCS on my 748; I ran into the same issue and ended up with different clipons to replace the stock ones. I went with Woodcraft ones, so always another option!

    4DE2EB36-0245-4054-A347-FE18A9E52B9A.jpeg 4D448807-BDB7-4703-BF7E-9AF12F5AF082.jpeg
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