Recommendations For Garage Dehumidifier?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Ben Mallinson, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. I think they do do a garage version that self supports. Certainly for a single bike they’re not too bad as a dehumidifier needs to be emptied or plumbed in for the waste water and good ones aren’t cheap to cover a garage.
  2. Such as

    I’ve found them reliable and the one I’ve got has been running for over ten years
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  3. Fitted this in the ‘shed’ today to remove the guesswork of humidity level and dew point. Running an old dehumidifier which seems quite effective.

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  4. use this dehumidifier. controlled by 3 seperate humidity sensors (there are 11 temp and humidity sensors in the garage), overall humidity control through samsung smarthub so can be controlled any where in the world. 4 seperate heater units in the ceiling, controlled through nest thermostat, again world wide control. walls, under floor and loft all thermally insulated. hand made sealed horman doors made in germany. job done!!

  5. While you’re sorting out your heating/humidity challenge in the garage, give the bikes a good and thorough coat of ACF50.......