Recommendations Near East Midlands For Setting Static Sag

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by rainbow-walker, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Hi there, does anyone have experience of a garage that can help set the static sag in or near the East Midlands that they would recommend ? Don't mind a ride if they are worth it.

    RBW. (899)
  2. Cornerspeed, Ducati official repairer/workshop owned by @nelly

    Just be warned. Once you’ve been, you won’t go anywhere else ;0
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  3. K tech are very close to you I belive.
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  4. Take it to Neil, he’ll be able to advise/work on the rest of the bike as well not just the suspension.
    Setting sag is simple you don’t need a suspension specialist for that.
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  5. What this bloke says :upyeah:
  6. Thanks all for recommendations .

  7. No problem, when I said Neil I meant “Nelly” at Cornerspeed of course, he’s open til 5 ish weekdays and til midday Saturdays, always busy though so if you want sag doing when you get there book it in.