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899 Red Brembo

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by panigale66, May 7, 2019.

  1. Finally got around to painting my calipers not too confident that it will last as I used a touchup brush but let’s see 6DECBD66-A78B-4A8C-AAA4-6900D61B4DE1.jpeg
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  2. That'll last. I did the same on my 749 using a Renault touch up pen. Looks great mate.
    Personally I think they should be like this from new.
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  3. That's made my mind up . I'm doing mine this week.
    Did you take the calipers off so you could hold it fairly flat or did you leave them on the bike and hope the paint didn't run?
  4. Just left them on the bike and I also gave them two coat of clear coat
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  5. Marchesini Forged :rolleyes:
  6. Boom!! Some people never let you down:upyeah:
  7. I don't get it?
  8. Mr C doesn’t like my sticker cos they aren’t marchesini wheels but it’s my bike so I can do what I want
  9. Ah, ok, I get it, I'm with @Mr C on that one, bit like M badges on 320D's, but you are right, you can indeed do what you like.
  10. Just missing some Ohlins stickers.. :upyeah: Oh and relax, Im just a big piss taker. Those who know me will verify x
  11. B75ADA81-6880-4BC1-AB3D-92164E9F2FBC.jpeg
    Got the Öhlins sticker too..
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  12. @Mr C 4 ft 11 is not big, you're a little pisstaker...

    @panigale66 you are just a wrong'un, how many stripes on your Adidas trainers?
  13. @Dibble as tall as you are wide x

    @Panigale has an Prada sticker on his Aeeedidas two stripes
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  14. Does it have 1199 stickers on the fairing also?
  15. Point one, made me chuckle, point two had me spitting my coffee, would that make the Pra-didas ???
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  16. I think you could be right
  17. That’s a good idea...
  18. DB36189A-8181-4104-A81C-4B5EF594AA48.jpeg Look what came in the post today and they’ve got Brembo on them..: unamused:
  19. And they came in adidas bags..
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  20. Mine does...:D
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