For Sale Reduced - 2004 999s / 1994 Superlight / 2015 Scrambler Classic

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  1. I'm having a bit of a thin-out of the fleet and am somewhat forlornly offering up three of my bikes to be welcomed by new owners :eek:

    * 2004 Ducati 999s Monoposto: Yellow, 16k miles (may increase) - £6,500 or near offer
    * 1994 Ducati 900 Superlight: Yellow 16.5k miles (may increase) - £6,500 or near offer
    * 2015 Ducati Scrambler Classic: Yellow 6.5k miles (may increase) - £5,750 or near offer

    I am interested in getting hold of an older Ducati bevel single, so would be interested to trade with something like an Elite, Mach 1 or something of that nature... highly original preferred, ideally unrestored and would consider similar other shonky old Italians with which to continue my march towards madness and bankruptcy (e.g. MV Agusta 350B, Lancia Fulvia / Montecarlo).

    A bit about them...

    **999s** is a wonderful thing indeed and has a few choice extras (Termi system, double-bubble screen, rearsets, Constands centre lift) and other than the original rider pegs the OE parts are supplied with the bike. It's a rare genuine Monoposto and is just a gorgeous thing to tank along on.

    **Superlight** has been in my care for a while, it's a Mk3 and is known to the register. It benefits from a full SilMotor system and is in otherwise rather lovely standard condition. It will try and pull your arms out, and I attribute that to the stage 2 Dynojet kit and the spaghetti headers. Ace!

    **Scrambler** has been mine since new and has been enjoyed sparingly since 2015. It's a spirited thing and comes with an extras list as long as your arm, and then some. Highlights would be; crossbar, bashplate, Ohlins front and rear, Rexxer map, Scrambler billet alloy pegs, Kriega luggage, handlebar bag, pretty much the entire Evotech performance catalogue, Speedo Angels screen protector, Michelin TPMS... and that's just the stuff that comes to mind!

    I'm located near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire and happy for any prospective buyer to check out with my local dealer about any of the bikes. I'm a bit OCD and everything is up to date on servicing and has good chain / sprockets / tyres / brakes and everything else that would mean you could hop on and go wherever and whenever you'd wish on any of them.

    04AD2CA7-0D33-4043-9ABE-0440AECF8AF4.jpg IMG_2713.jpg photo_20190221164730_6881309_0.jpg

    Welcome to drop me a PM on here or 07480 217801 / [email protected]

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  2. The Superlight is a thing of beauty, sadly until I shift a few bikes, there is no room at the inn (actually in the dining room, hall or utility room). GLWS Andy
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  3. Substantial price reductions, all bikes as is and available for collection in Lincolnshire.
  4. GLWS, would love the SL but no cash or room at the inn :confused:
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  5. 999s........ spurt. :heart:

    999 mono best looking ducati , ever , factamundo ! :cool:
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  6. @XH558 is looking for a 900 super light.
    Good collection and good luck with the sale.
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  7. Anthony,I've already spoken with Ian about this wonderful machine but i'm afraid it's more money than i want to splashout on:upyeah:
  8. All great bikes and superb condition, :cool:
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  9. TBH I'm on the verge of just keeping them for the sake of a simple life. My bus has sold now. 999s are apparently the hot tip and the SL is a gruntmeister. Scrambler is ace too. Perhaps I should just keep them.
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  10. I am with you on keeping the 999S. What else could you do with 6.5k that would provide such value for money or potential for future return? I have one (as you know), I wouldn’t dream of selling it for such a low figure, even though to me that would represent a +50% return over just two years.
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