Replacement Chain And Sprockets.

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  1. Do fellow forum members replace their worn chains and sprockets with genuine Ducati items, or have you found a better alternative?
  2. I always use DID, Tsubaki or other proprietary quality chains, sprockets usually AFAM or other quality replacements like Renthal. I have never used Ducati OEM ones and I don't know who supplies the OEM ones to Ducati, I assumed it was AFAM. Be wary of cheap ones as they don't last as long and often are made to poor tolerances which can lead to tight spots on the chain and accelerated wear. Also be wary of some noted on line retailers on ebay that sell branded sprockets that are not the brands they advertise but are cheap equivalents.
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  3. B&C Express ... thats all you need, Ducati don't produce them anyhow its all 3rd party kit :)
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  4. Ducati don't use the higher end quality chains supplied by DID and so on, all down to cost
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  5. With all the "cheap copies" on eBay it sounds like the best bet would be a reputable dealer? DID are a brand I've heard good things about so I'll try and get a suitable replacement made by them then.
    Thanks Denzil for the detailed reply, its very help.
  6. I have used several chain brands and there is one that is head and shoulders above the rest. Current chain and sprocket kit is on 17000 miles, been adjusted 4 times and is not yet showing signs of wear, sprockets still good too...miles better than DID...its Afam for me!
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  7. You can probably knock something up with paperclips to be better than the OEM.
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  8. Just replaced my mates with a DID chain and JT sprocket. They were recommended by a local dealer and he got them off Ebay but the sprocket needed an additional carrier. Easy enough job but wouldn't have needed done if he'd lubed the chain.
  9. Another DID'r here. I also prefer steel sprockets. IME i get better longevity and wear. The OEM C&S was well shagged after 7k on my 1299. Should get at least 10k from a well maintained C&S.
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  10. If you're fitting them yourself be careful which you buy, for example a Renthal chain needs a special quad stake rivet tool, the ordinary hollow rivet tool wont work as the Renthal link has solid pins.
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  11. Thanks for all the great advice and feedback :upyeah: Its much appreciated.

    Have a great weekend guys & girls and ride safe.