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1200 Replacement Fuel Sender Problem

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Kirky, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. I had the fuel sender replaced and the fuel gauge is now blinking empty even after filling up. There is no range displayed and despite being in MPH, rather oddly the fuel consumption gives a reading in Litres/100kms? I don’t understand what could be happening here and neither does the workshop that replaced it.
    Anyone had this problem or any ideas.
    Fuel gauge.jpg
  2. Replaced by whom ? My first replacement fuel sender lasted about 400 yards and was replaced without question. If you had a main dealer do it, the part has a 2 year warranty. Andy
  3. How old is the bike? and was it a Ducati dealer that fitted it
  4. Had it done by an independent Ducati specialist. They are still scratching their head over it.

    Could be a faulty sender I suppose.
  5. I've had two replacements fitted to my Pikes Peak, done without any hesitation whatsoever, by Riders in Bristol, one after 18 months from new and the second unit changed about 4 months ago, on what is a three year old bike now. New software installed too, now means all is working well and reasonably accurately.

    They are and always have been far from perfect, so in any event when out riding I always reset the trip-meter at every fuel re-fill, that way I know exactly how many miles between re-fills and invariably the bike will do circa 10 miles per litre, give or take. So I can assess pretty well that at around 150 miles, I'm getting near to re-fill time.

    Just a suggestion for peace of mind, which works for me at least, hopefully for you too.

    Contact your nearest dealership, they will almost certainly look after you properly.

    Good luck:)
  6. It's an early 2010 so the original lasted well but now well outside warranty. It started flashing ERROR messages intermittently that would often clear after 5-10 mins.
    Strange that the new sender, although giving no reading, has never given an error message.

    Thanks Tony and yes I always use trip as back up.
  7. You can select Km/L in the software, it needs changing following the battery disconnect.
    They've done Miles, Temp in °C & MPH, but forgot the other one.
  8. Thanks Paul I'll try that tonight but thought they all changed in unison; either Metric or Imperial.
  9. Reset everything, then reverted back to miles, gallons and....no change :confused:
  10. The later fuel sensors require a firmware update to two of the ecu’s. If you were on your original 2010 sender, then without a doubt it will need updating.
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  11. Cheers!
  12. Cheers!
  13. Wow. You learn something new everyday.

    What we ALL need is the ability to add TAGS to posts, at the moment only the OP can do that and with all due respect they are unlikely to know how to do it.
    @Rob any news on this useful suggestion for others to be able to TAG threads?
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  14. Done. Users can now add tags to threads:

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  15. Thanks Rob, I put a couple on to try out as Aircon suggested.
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  16. Came across the following post on Ducati MS forum, which is copied and pasted below.
    My fuel sender does not show any errors, however is just not accurate enough , hence I have been refilling long before tank is empty. Going to give the suggestion below a go , but wondered if anyone else had tried this suggestion and if it had worked for them ?

    “So I have a 2013 Multi and the wife has the 2016. I have been through 5 senders. She just started having issues on ourlast outing. Our tech tells us that the sender does not go all the way to the top of the tank. As many of you may know, it is at an angle on the back of the tank (where your crotch is when riding). So in order for it to register a full tank, it uses some sort of algorithm. If you are always topping off when you are at 1/2 full then that throws it off a bit and oes not allow it and the computer to really understand what a full tank is (calculated) or an empty tank is. I can buy the full tank thing, but ot the empty.

    A few weeks ago I did a 1400 mile weekend and put htis to the test. My fuel level had acted up a little recently so I decided to ride all the way to empty. Then filled up and I had no more issues the whole trip or since then. We are doing the same with my wife's and will report back.

    Being in the fuel system business I get the whole algorithm thing. Many of the level guages we use in storage tanks have to be calibrated from time to time. They all are smart enough to calculate fuel expansion and contraction based upon temperature and can even detec a leak based upon these calcs. I would imagine the fuel sender in these bikes is somewhat similar. “
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  17. Has anybody got a step by step guide to changing the sensor? or access to a Ducati pdf manual etc.
  18. I got the below info from Pete1950 to do mine and it worked a treat. Easy enough job and well worth end result of having a working gauge :

    Take the seat off and look at the sender unit, which is at the bottom rear of the tank slightly to the left side. The electric cable coming from it should have a white label stuck on, and the label has the part number printed on it. Photograph the label so you can show the part number to the dealer. The part number of the new sender unit should be a bit different at the end.

    The new unit should come with the seal and plug it needs, nothing else required (but see below). You can make sure the new plug fits the old socket on your bike before you strip anything to pieces.

    When you are ready to do the job start by emptying the petrol tank, first by riding then by using a tube to syphon out as much as you possibly can.

    You have to remove the bodywork around the tank, which involves undoing about four dozen little screws. I recommend taking photos on your phone as you go, to help with putting them back correctly.

    The tank does not have to be taken off the bike completely, but the rear part has to be lifted up several inches. On a 2010-14 bike (but not on a 2015-18 DVT) there are two petrol pipes at the rear of the tank, adjoining the fuel gauge sender. These have to be unplugged, to allow enough movement. The fuel pipe attachments are made of black plastic, and are rather flimsy - it would be easy to break them, so it is important to handle them with great care. These fuel pipe connectors have little O ring seals in them - you might find you need to renew them, so get some spares from the dealer and have them to hand.

    Once the rear of the tank is raised, unscrewing the sender unit and screwing in the new one is very easy and quick. Then you have to reattach the petrol pipes (carefully!), and put all the bodywork back on. Fill with fuel, and see how the gauge display reacts to various levels of actual fuel.
  19. Just replaced mine on a 2015 dvt. The instructions above are good. I just had to disconnect the two overflow hoses near the fuel inlet. I'm now on fuel sender 'f'. The d model lasted 2 1/2 yrs. BTW, of course I am out of warranty and Ducati USA did NOT stand behind the replacement part. BMW is having an issue with their fuel strip. They warrantied for 10 yrs.