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899 Replica Panigale R Fuel Tank

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Daniel Howes, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. I keep looking at the panigale R fuel tanks and keep thinking they are a work of art and I would love one on my 899....but lack of funds are preventing me from buying one and I’m not going to be able to afford the outlay any time soon....
    I also understand along with the tank you would also need to buy the 1199 subframe and mounting brackets as the 1199 tank mounts differently to the 899....
    Has anyone on here successfully managed to modify a 899 tank to replicate the R tank at all? By modify, I mean strip back the paint to bare metal, sand it down to create the brushed effect and then get it resprayed by a professional. I am aware the tanks are steel and therefore the bare metal will start to rust instantly and will require clear coating fairly rapidly.
    Has anyone at all ventured into this idea at all?
  2. Have you considered a wrap?
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  3. I have indeed, I just like the idea of having it done properly...as I don’t want it to have that ‘fake’ look about it that’s all...
  4. Only one way to do that then :)
  5. Unfortunately I think I already knew that too....
    Have you been to collect your new bike yet at all?! Looks very nice indeed!
  6. It was delivered last Friday :):upyeah: it's sat in my kitchen at the moment...
  7. Have you got any pictures at all? I must have missed it on your thread about it...
    Always keen to see your posts, along with your bike building....I built a kit car a few years ago and miss having a good project!!

    9C4A1A1D-F41B-4205-86DF-9637C609F6C9.jpeg DFE3FDF1-5B8E-42BF-B987-E767BCC7822E.jpeg 16071D91-D45A-4002-A0DE-EC0BD32CBDD5.jpeg A78594B6-655C-4FA9-B5A0-FCA2CAB37498.jpeg F1B905A9-CB3D-4290-AE6D-6479566CD01F.jpeg

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  8. Need good weather, just been tinkering in the kitchen so far...
    IMG_3946.JPG IMG_3947.JPG
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  9. That’s gorgeous!! Congratulations on your purchase and enjoy! All the best
  10. Cheers dude :cool::upyeah: I love it :heart_eyes:
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  11. I have seen a standard 899 tank painted like a r, they actually paint the top in silver paint and then drag the paint with Scottish pad to create the brushed look,the end effect is pretty dam good,if you have time have a look at jhp's facebook page the guy with the pierobon swing arm had one painted then bought a brand new r tank then changed to a carbon tank,i think it was £400ish to get it painted.
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  12. A friend of mine bought a new M3 a few years back. He'd had it 2 days when his little daughter decided to give him a hand with washing it. :heart: She'd done half of the front wing before he noticed she was using a brillo pad. o_O :laughing:
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  13. Thanks very much I think I’ve found the photos. Any idea where the tank was sprayed at all? Cheers again
  14. At a guess rage designs, jhp tend to use them
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  15. I had a couple of tanks painted a few years ago in the first generation R design. Like simmytt says the brushed effect can be achieved by using a Scottish pad. The decals are genuine Ducati then all finished with a lacquer coat. Cost me £200/tank in all. The work was done at 'Custom Paint and Airbrushing' which is local to me in Darwen Lancashire. The tank on the bike is the genuine R and the one sat on the back is the painted tank.

    IMG_1108.JPG IMG_1109.JPG IMG_1110.JPG

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  16. @Daniel Howes ,the tank on my bike was off Jason (BIG M) and i can vouch for the quality of work,when i fitted the tank to my bike the look just did not work with the paint work on my bike so Jason kindly agreed to take the tank back and part x it for a tri colour tank,top guy to deal with :upyeah:,keep your eyes peeled as he has some lovely parts come up ever now and then.
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  17. Thanks for the info buddy, I appreciate it. I’ve sent Jason/BIG M a PM regarding the tank and parts. Cheers,
    All the best
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  18. Thanks for all the information BIG M, I have also sent you a PM.
  19. Top tank!
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