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Ride Guide To Europe

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Robarano, Oct 12, 2019.

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  2. If I don't upset Mrs Ex :worried:
  3. Well, Squires is in Europe, I suppose. :thinkingface:
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  4. Aye :bucktooth:
  5. What a fcuking hypocrite you are
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  6. Are you confusing the EU with Europe? :thinkingface:

    If your intention is to have that discussion, piss off my thread and take it onto the Brexit one.

    If you want to stay and discuss this magazine or riding in Europe, you are welcome to stay. :eyes:
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  7. What did you mean by this exactly then?
  8. That looks good/useful.
  9. I meant, that's the farthest he ever goes. :rolleyes:

    Now go away. : unamused:
  10. Circumstance :(

  11. What is, Europe...…………….. :eyes:
  12. Looks great & I just ordered a copy - thanks.
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  13. Rolleyes
  14. Ian’s guide to Europe.
    1. Check whether it’s cheaper on ferry or train. Opt for cheapest.
    2. Look at weather forecast.
    3. Follow sun.
    4. Hotels.com, TripAdvisor and a data plan
  15. If you follow the sun, wouldn't you start your day heading east? :motorcycleduc: Then by the end of the day, you would be heading west, :motorcycleduc: thereby ending up where you started? :thinkingface:

    Dude, you sound like you need a guide to touring. :thinkingface: Luckily, see above. :bucktooth:
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  16. LOL I meant follow the good weather forecast. We have had some miserable trips by prebooking and some amazing ones by winging it.
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