Ride With Norman Reedus

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  1. The Walking Dead Star in a new TV program which started last week on "amc" .....he rides his Multi around America with a different wing man/woman every week , looking into the America's bike culture ...awesome scenery (Death Valley etc )
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  2. Do you know what the TV prog is called?
  3. Ride With Norman Reedus
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  4. Forgive my ignorance, I'm guessing that "amc" is a tv channel but what platform ? Andy
  5. Yes Andy i watch it through Sky
  6. AMC from BT. Sky 192
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  8. just searched for it on bt and good news for me, it's included in my deal.
    first thought having just started watching was wow! That's a good looking multi! Then I realized its a hyper, that's why!
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  9. I like imagine.. She'd get it. I have a friend back in nz who I think is mates with her. Anyhu they are now on multi"s so I'm changing channel...
  10. Jesus that man should not be in charge of a motor vehicle, I really hope he's stoned off his [email protected] tits, coz if he's not he's one hell of an actor.
    Oh wow man that's really awesome, gunz would deffo not like this!
  11. gunz is happy. In the old days we called it gay..
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  12. 8 minutes in. Had enough dude. :sleeping:
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  13. haha, the "kitesurfing dudes" down at my local beach talk like that, it makes me laugh as I'm like the black sheep that doesn't fit in.
  14. I think he needs switching to 45rpm!
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  15. yea... There is more life in a chocolate fish
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