Riders Cardiff - Closing 10th November

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  1. Another Dealership going...

    Riders of Cardiff announced to staff yesterday they are closing with effect from 10th November.

    So anyone with any open points with the store should check...

    SAD news for all the staff....
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  2. No ones got any money:thinkingface::(
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  3. More accurately, too few people have nearly all the money :thinkingface:
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  4. Wonder if they will keep the Bridgwater store open.
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  5. And that won't change in my lifetime or the next one.
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  6. come the revolution comrade
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  7. Riders are overcharging people that's why. I asked about a service and got a quote twice that of a recommended independent. Not even an offer of a courtesy bike for a service costing over a grand. The independent offered to take me to the train station and we ended up agreeing on a more than fair price for delivery.
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  8. That is bad and sad news for the staff - I only dealt with parts and they were very friendly. Earlier in the year I visited Cardiff to complete my challenge of visiting every Riders branch. From memory, it was mainly Ducati and Harley. Aren't Harleys tariffed now after the Trump tariff affair? Dunno if that has made a difference.
  9. Its Ducati and BMW at Cardiff...

    Harley is the other 2 - Bristol and Bridgewater

    So now they will not support BMW.
  10. Ahhhhhhhh, my memory is crap - although I think that I was mixing Bridgewater with Cardiff. Actually, I think that Cardiff was the smarter store. It is very big compared to the other two so maybe the figures just didn't work.
  11. When does the sale start?
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  12. Seen the light and in the market for some German? ;)
  13. I expect that it will all go to the other branches. Riders and Bridgewater?
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  14. A shame for their local customers that now face a longer journey for a franchised dealer.

    I had a bad experience with Riders of Bristol who then palmed me off to Riders of Cardiff. The pathetically sedate escorted test ride delayed my purchase of a Multistrada in 2016 to the extent that I then tried the MV Turismo instead and wound up buying one off my more than helpful local dealer (who went bust 9 months later...). At the time I was on the brink of buying the DVT and was going to order one after the test ride if I liked it, they didn't really give me the chance... I've now come full circle and have an even better Mutley, albeit 2 and bit years later.
  15. Nein ich habe schon zwei Deustche autos, plus one Italian and one English bike.....
  16. Just heard, Riders Cardiff is to close, anybody on here know why ?
  17. Also M&P will open around the corner soon with a Harley Franchise... so that may knock their clothing business?
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