riders seat removal and recover 749!!!

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  1. Hi all,
    can anyone explain to me how the heck you get the riders seat off the bike?
    I've just bought two new covers with the Italian tricolour stitched in and I must say the look very smart,
    but I've come up against a problem with the front seat? I just can't see how the hell it comes off, are there some hidden bolts or some trick way of getting it off so that I can get the new cover on.
    Any suggestions would be great.
    regards Mark.
  2. Did you buy the seat covers from eBay? I am just looking at doing the very same thing and would like to know what the quality is like.
  3. Hi
    thanks for your link, its given me all the info I need.
    While I was reading your link I took the opertunaty to download the workshop manual
    which will be of great help in the future.
    regards mark.
  4. Hi,
    yes I got them from ebay. A company called saxon seats and they are off a very good quality,
    hope this is of help with your disision
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  5. Hi.
    Sorry cant help with the front seat thing but I think you've got that now anyway just an add on I've done my pillion seat with the new cover from
    saxsonseats (link)

    Ducati 749/999 seat cover upgrade italian flag-REAR | eBay

    Looks good in the flesh as well, very good idea to use a hair dryer when fitting it to stretch the leather a bit, and make sure the staples aren’t too long for the seat!! I had a few that I put in at adifferent angle that almost came through the seat and out the other side, they were rather long staples but they were the only ones I had.


    I’m not doing my front seat just yet at £60.00 I’ll give it a miss until I’m a bit more flush, and anyway I’m sitting on that one when out ridding lol, I was thinking of getting a rear cowl cover but I think this Mod looks better, and the seat is always there for the misses !! not that she would ever come out with me but, then that’s her choice she cant say “I’ve only got a one seater”
  6. Hi Guv
    thanks for your reply, managed to get the seat of no problem!!, easer than I thought, just took of the rear end for easy access, and carefully lifted up the riders seat enough to get a piece of wood between the frame and tank so that you can then gain access to the final bolt the holds the seat to the tank making sure not to over stretch the fuel lines, getting the seat cover on was a little harder!! wish I had used your hairdryer method first?? but your post came after I had fitted the covers.
    I know what you mean about the staples, you have to be careful not to go right thro!! but I think the end result is well worth while.
    im going to try and upload some pics for you to see for yourself. Anyway cheers mate and thanks for your post.
    regards Mark

    ducati 749 seat covers + mirrors 001.jpg

    ducati 749 seat covers + mirrors 002.jpg

    ducati 749 seat covers + mirrors 003.jpg
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  7. Hi Mark, Nice job, and nice looking bike as well, thats the second Black 749 i've seen in this section tonight haven't seen one on the road yet.
    Seats do look good, I notice you have changed your mirror/indecators as well also looks good.
  8. Hi guvs
    glad you like the bike, personally im still not sure about the decals I might remove them at some point,
    the mirrors I got from a company in Holland, and there a perfect fit and make all the difference if you want to know what the hell is behind you when you want to overtake!! as the standard mirrors are more form than function!! look good, but bloody useless for anything else apart from indicating.
    On the subject off mirrors/ indicators, I like your rear tale light, does it have built in indicators?? and where did you get it from and how much if you don't mind me asking.
    cheers mate.
  9. Mark, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the Breil kit from?

  10. I have just noticed the mirrors they do look good. Could you post up a link for where you got them.
  11. This thread is going viral, lol
    I've started a thread in the "Builds & Projects" section under :-
    [​IMG] Evolution (Cosmetic) updating of a 749
    There are other good photos of some of the stuff I've changed, just waiting for some nice weather to take some more photos of the other bits Ive done, the rear LED light cluster is one thing I did on my old Bike it looked the biz on that so got another one for this Bike, this is the link to the one I got :-

    LED Clear E-Marked Tail Light With Indicators DUCATI 749 / 999 03-07 LEDD061 | eBay

    It cost £62.00 and it has integral indicators built in, and a bonus mine didn't need resistors to slow the flashing down, and they are E marked.
  12. [email protected]
    Hi Deco here is the link you asked for, there based in Holland, but Fred speaks good English if you ring them? or you can order online
    they only took two days to arrive after my payment was received, how fast is that!!!.
    I ordered the stealth aero's in the carbon look and they also chucked in some viper rear LED indicators for the back for free!! but I don't know if that offer is still available, if you only fit the front mirrors you will need resisters for them. hope this is of help.
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  13. Thanks for the link Guvs, I think I might just invest in those, look smart.
    ill probably get involved in your new builds & project post too once I've taken some more happy snaps,
    noticed your an Ex force's man? I was with the Infantry, The first Battalion Duke of Boots for 12 years, happy days
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  14. Hi Mark.
    Yes Ex Infantry 23yrs 1st. Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers and yes very happy days.
    I will be up-dating that thread weekly if not daily until I run out of things to do.
  15. Hi Mark cheers for the info. Could you post up some photos of both the wing mirrors and the rear LEDs if you can
  16. Hi Deco.
    I did a short video of the lights today, and will post it on the "749 rear lights" post if you want to see what they work like.
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  17. Hi Deco,
    Here are some pics of the mirrors, as you can see I haven't fitted the rear LEDS as yet and have resistors fitted to the front, you will need them if you only fit the front mirrors.