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Featured 999 Right...f*** This...i'm Going Touring!

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by The Royal Maharaja, Apr 4, 2024.

  1. WhatsApp Image 2024-04-04 at 18.35.58_15acc7d8.jpg

    My mates take the piss...but if Lamborghinis can use ski-boxes...;)

    (In all seriousness, an extremely practical way to tour... the Givi Monolock plate is bolted directly to a spare rear seat so I can remove the whole lot easily. :upyeah:)

    Edit...It's just occurred to me that this arrangement isn't possible on a Desmosedici...:D
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  2. Im placing bets on your spine turning to paste by the time you get into europe...
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  3. My mate did the same with his 996.


    Even adapted the Givi plate to take his tools.
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  4. Thing is, if I am not mistaken, he lives somewhere in « Europe ».
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  5. well....6 hours after he leaves then!
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  6. Oh..I don't know about that! I did 2000km last September over three days with no motorways used...actually really really enjoyed it. In bed fast asleep before 8pm though :D
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  7. Yer a younger man than me then (55) - luckily my rsv4 goes for 90 miles on a tank so no matter what im getting off it!
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  8. Grant, don’t you leave near Toulon?
  9. Yep, 25 minutes into the hills above Toulon. (Very rural)
  10. IMG_0172.jpeg IMG_0055.jpeg
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  11. Struggling a bit with the superduke, a very small rear seat, soft luggage looks as though it will cover the rear light assembly, probably go Kriega..plus the ‘four way, four day undies’..:thinkingface:o_O)
  12. Beautiful back country there! And it does qualify for Europe. :D
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  13. Have done touring with guys on T9 plenty of times a few years ago, they all managed well ;)

    The givi plate adaption is genius @Bumpkin
  14. I love a couple days (3-4 max) touring with my 916. I prefer riding with an alpine rucksack (25 liters) on my back and usually limit the day to 300-400 km max.

    I have done the occasional 700km trip on the 916, but there was absolutely no way I could have ridden the next day…
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  15. The 899 community says hi.
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  16. Yep- that being said its only motorway riding on the RSV that aches a bit....the farthest it goes is to the TT but once your there and on what i would say are normal roads when your moving around i could be on it all day, but only at higher speeds...slow speeds like most other sports bikes does ache a bit.!
  17. My mate on his 996 (post further up) tours with me for one or two week trips. Quite honestly, having ridden his bike whilst away, I don't understand quite how he manages it without apparent pain... He's a year younger than me and turned 60 last year, made of sterner stuff...

    His bike reached 50,000 miles on last years trip to the Harz Mountains.
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  18. I think size has a lot to do with it (oo er). That 2k trip was on my 996 which I find comfier than the 999. I'm a reasonably lithe 5'10..
  19. Kriega and pyramid rack. Plenty of securing points and leaves access to slide out the pazzy seat for lock/tool storage.
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  20. Hire van for us :D
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