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Featured Rob Lewis Top Banana

Discussion in 'Detailing and cleaning' started by Clarkey63, Apr 24, 2021.

  1. Evening all
    just like to say a massive thanks to rob Lewis although I have never spoken to him personally
    But have read a number of his post in regards to car detailing one in particular was about cleaning
    Soft tops on cars
    We have owned a mini convertible from new and have had it for 5 years the roof started to look a bit shabby on reading this post that rob had written I took the advice on how to do it on what stuff to buy
    Well it worked an absolute treat bringing the roof up like new i also waxed the car in again what rob had recommended
    So a big thanks to rob our mini looks loved again
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  2. That’s fab Clarkey.
    Any pics before and after at all
  3. What a pity my daughter hadn't read the article before she set to work on her hard top Mini. I think a complete respray is the only thing that will save it now :astonished:
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  4. He passed my test with flying colours, sometime back. And has shared some wonderful products which I now recant to others who inquiry along our shared journey of life.

    I do hope you share an image of before & after'
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  5. Quick link?
  6. oh no!!!! Poor mini :(
  7. I tagged you sev in the thread
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