Robert Bell Lotus Gone

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  1. How does that happen :thinkingface: Mmmm....
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  2. Yes, folk regularly clean loaded shotguns pointing at their face..... Hmm? Suicide clause in life insurance?? :thinkingface:
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  3. Normally take mine to pieces to clean it......
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  4. Exactly :thinkingface:
  5. Pointing a loaded weapon at your head whilst cleaning it. Does this sound like an accident to you?
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  6. It's in the Daily Mail so it's got to be true ........ hasn't it ? Andy
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  7. The only time I've looked down a barrel when cleaning a gun has been when I've checked it's empty and that my hands are absolutely nowhere near the trigger when looking down a barrel. You might forget one check but two?
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  8. No one is intentionally this careless unless they meant to be
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  9. I shot clay pigeon with a Beretta 303 restricted shot semi auto for many years and I would have to have had the arms of an Orangutan to push the trigger whilst looking down the barrel. Andy
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  10. @Gimlet see above, don't clean shotguns :eek:
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  11. I'm safe enough. Its the chimps you want to worry about. Bloody hooligans.

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  12. Insurance dodge, He killed himself and the family want to collect
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  13. Post #3..... I agree :upyeah:
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  14. There are no accidents with firearms, only negligence and I'd be very surprised if any life insurance policy covered death resulting from the misuse of a firearm. Murdered by a third person with a gun they brought with them, maybe. But killing yourself through gross negligence with your own firearm, not a chance.
  15. That would be nearly impossible to do by accident and very difficult to do on purpose - what ever gun was being cleaned - the minimum legal barrel length is 23” plus length of lock before you reach trigger.
  16. In his defence I did this once.

    I got better.
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  17. You got better from death? Or better at cleaning? :)
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  18. T'was a monty python reference. Which seemed apt in the circumstances :)