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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Wayne58, Jan 12, 2018.

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  1. I like to travel with a lot o shit bab :D
  2. Thanks mate, truly appreciate the gesture, and am grateful for any help received. :worried:
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  3. Bit harsh on your riding companions-do they know your opinion of them...?
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  4. Lol'ed my ass off at that Gareth. Very good..... :D:D:D
  5. I found the perfect solution @Wayne58

    Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 21.19.49.png
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  6. That just looks like a mobile bbq and beer cooler, where will Wayne put all of his metrosexual personal care products? :eyes:
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  7. Absolutely agree on this combo. I have used Lomo for several years. Totally waterproof, well made and I think mine are about 60l. Held on with Rok straps. Never had a problem on 10 european jaunts. A great piece of kit and SO reasonably priced. Plenty of capacity, and opening via the top is so much better than some roll bags you fill from the side.
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  8. Exactly right??
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I did tell exi to use a courier for his belts, but you know how tight he is
  11. I've always used a basic kayak bag and decent straps for things I want to stay 100% dry. Even the top of the range are well priced. The kriega stuff is hands down best bike specific stuff but the shell of the bag outer holds a bit of moisture even when inside is dry. This is noticeable in a small tent! I now use a kriega 20 for up to a week away in hotels etc and add a dry bag for camping.
  12. @Wayne58 Out for the day on a picnic :)
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  13. Enduristan gear stays dry on the outside. Very popular with off-road adventure riders and people who fall off a lot in the mud.

    There's some usefull luggage threads on the Adventure rider forum. If it works for genuine over-landers and round the world riders it'll probably work for everyone.
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  14. Hmm, tents and camping you say ?? :thinkingface:o_O
  15. Conditions, conditions... Camping is fine, it all depends where you do it. And when.
    A tent under a shady tree next to a river in the south of France in July is fine. In a Scottish glen during a week of horizontal rain in February, less so.
    Unless your name is @GunZenBomZ who does the wild camping thing.

    I'm going wild camping in Scotland for a couple of weeks in June. My tent will be a stone-built holiday cottage with a bed, a bath, a tumble dryer and a telly. It'll be tough buts its character building.
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  16. Only just found out, there is a huge J&S store in Southampton about 10 miles from me..... Off to get a bag :upyeah:
  17. At last!! :)
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  18. Don't forget the anti malaria tablets Gimlet, those midges are killers this time of year :eek:
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