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Rough Cost For Moto Gp Tickets?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Alan-g, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Hi all,
    Looking at ideas for my Stag next year, was considering going to a Moto Gp race. Either Jerez or Le Mans.
    To keep costs down id do Sunday only General Admission.

    Anyone been this year and know the rough ticket prices for these days?
    Looked at the remaining races ticket prices and it varys massively.
    Unfortunately dont have a lot of money with a wedding to pay for and a hyper 950sp in the garage
    Just wanting to see if its a viable option
  2. My Jerez tickets were 150 each and that was for the whole weekend with seats on the start/finish straight.... If you're gonna do it and need accommodation, do it early as it books out quite early!
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  3. Barcelona was 40 or 50 euros on the gate iirc (I'd have to look at me travel thread to know for sure). .
    Valencia was the same a 3 years back , I had a weekend pass but did see the sign at the booth where I collected my pass. However I'm not sure if they sell out there.
    I doubt le man's would sell out for general admission and is a good track with good tram link to track and good night life both at track and in town.
  4. No idea of ticket prices I'm afraid but like the idea of a "forum stag do" , sure there'll be a good turn out for you.:D
  5. Misanos dear as feck
  6. Valencia good value, wsbk at portimao cheap as chips.i hear Brno is good value.
  7. I like the idea of that!! Got my stag do case packed already

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