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Route Planning

Discussion in 'Touring' started by J biker, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. It seems motogoloco site is down. A route planning site that works on top of googlemaps, saves routes a folder to then download to satnav.
    Worked well for me but now need an alternative.

    Any good options? Not Basecamp, just cant get on with it and not interested in wasting more time on it. ;)

    Something that can be downloaded to Garmin would be ideal. Often it seems Googlemaps on a smartphone works as well/better than Garmin or Tomtom but I want it to be ‘data roaming’ free.
  2. Can’t you plan it in google maps? Sure I’ve done that in the past: needs patience tho!
  3. Btw I you can download a portion of a map from google so it’s available’ offline’.
  4. One of the reasons I moved away from Garmin to TomTom is the next to useless Basecamp. I now use TomTom's Mydrive:


    You can plan routes and automatically sync with the TomTom Rider Satnavs. There is also the ability to export .gpx files from MyDrive, which you may be able to import into a Garmin Satnav, but I haven't tried this.
  5. My Route App. Free version lacks features that the paid for version has and really needs to make it work though. Andy
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  6. Thanks. Downloaded and planned a basic route. Will see if it will save to my superior Garmin lol :upyeah:o_O
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  7. I am not sure, but I think the problem with motogoloco may have been related to Googles new charging policy for using their mapping API, which used to be free. I have seen a number of sites that display Google maps with map loading and access issues. One example is the Motoroutes web site.
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  8. Iirc doesn’t this only load one way-isn’t at a time? I remember it being difficult to use when uploaded to a satnav when it first came on the scene
  9. That’s why I qualified my recommendation. The paid for version is a very good tool. Andy
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  10. I like base camp. However, I need to verify its route planning with Google maps and or Michelin route planner (BTW Michelin is good for working out the cost of tolls on a route) then apply way points to make it go where I want it to go.

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  11. Basecamp does work but isn't exactly user friendly/intuitive. I still use it as part of my route planning work flow as it allows the addition of intermediate way-points (as opposed to routing nodes).

    I used to use ITN Converter until I discovered MyRouteApp. As Andy says; the paid for version has the extra bells and whistles that make it a viable alternative to Basecamp calculating and displaying routes that are as close as you can get to those in Basecamp. It's has pros and cons compared to that software:

    Pros of MyRouteApp over Basecamp
    • It has the ability to use Google Street View
    • Easy familar drag and drop plotting like Google Maps
    • Michelin Mapping can be used to show green edged roads (likely to be great biking routes)
    Cons of MyRouteApp over Basecamp
    • The inability to add intermediate way-points. It's just start and end points with routing nodes in between. This is a significant issue for me.
    • It's relent on an Internet connection to work. Basecamp can be used anywhere.
    • You can't add delays to stopover way points. This is only useful. When calculating ride duration within Basecamp, it isn't transfered in a use able way to the GPS. Garmin's time calculations tend to be optimistic at best.
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  12. I've learned to use Basecamp over the years, with some help from the tutorials on the internet and some excellent tips from members of this forum. I played with Tyre when it was introduced and now use MyRoute (web based) for initial route planning. I transfer routes into Basecamp for finessing. I use the free version of MyRoute which still has Michelin maps which I like because of the highlighting of scenic roads (green edge to one side) and good definition of road types, widths and surface. The free version of MyRoute also includes OpenStreetMaps which isn't too bad as a alternative to Google maps (no longer available in the free version).

    After creating a route (typically for each day) in MyRoute, I save it as GPX (1.1 - route, track, POI). I import both the route and track into Basecamp and then add shaping route points to ensure the route follows the track (often divergent because of different map and routing algorithm). I then step through the Waypoints / shaping points to ensure they are on the correct road (Basecamp has a good feature for this). This is important as MyRoute can drop Waypoints away from a road or on a nearby road/track unless you're working at high level of zoom. I also use Google Street View to double check the exact location of hotels and look for places to park the bike.

    Basecamp is also better at reviewing multiple routes either as alternatives or for multiple days. Basecamp is also good for organising multiple routes/Waypoints and for transferring them into the Sat Nav in one go. If I could use Michelin maps within Basecamp I'd be a very happy bunny indeed.

    I've no a problem with transferring stopover (layover) times from Basecamp into my Zumo 595 Sat Nav and then viewing/editing in the Trip Settings > Edit Schedule menu on the Zumo. Regarding time estimation, Basecamp and MyRout similar however when loaded into my Zumo they are about can be a lot shorter and can be over optimistic (especially on narrow, bendy roads).

    A very good trick I've learned is to transfer both routes and tracks into the Sat Nav. On the Zumo 595 you can display the both and double check that the route has recalculated differently (which can happen even after updating the maps on the Zumo and Basecamp with the same version).

    So my process I of initial route planning in MyRoute, finessing in Basecamp and then double checking on the Zumo is long winded. Even longer when I also prepare a paper turn list for each day. I also carry paper maps when on tour, and download an offline Google map for each overnight stay so I can find the hotel and resturants/bars in the area. Belt, Braces and a bit of string just in case :)
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  13. Just about to upload this..I hope!
    Screenshot 2020-01-08 at 20.06.52.png
  14. Surprised, it actually seems to have worked. No issue to save to Garmin 350lm.
    just need to work out waypoints on tomtom my drive app to keep the shape of the route without detours.
  15. :upyeah: Get so,e drawn up for April, we can follow you ;)
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  16. Snow avoidance routes? I hope, not required lol!

    Got a nice route for my day 1 through
    Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan
  17. Day 2, through Parc regional des Ballons and Vosges, then Vosges Nord, then Cochem, Germany.
    Gets harder work for Germany as cannot get street view for a preview of roads. Privacy laws?
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  18. Btw, @bradders.........dont follow me, Im probably lost.
    Though I can usually get further than 10miles from starting point after 2hours. no names lol. o_Oo_O
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  19. And maybe get everyone back without the need to leave smoke trails....
  20. Try https://trips.furkot.com/.

    Advantages are that you can share a ride plan with others to also input changes, you can set your average speed you travel at and the time estimates become pretty accurate, and you can export as a gpx file to import to Garmin.

    Downside is that the map used is not exactly the same as the Garmin map, so some of the waypoints may be 1 or 2m off the road!

    But really, once you get to grips with Basecamp it really is best. It's complicated at first.
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