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Rsr Or Oberon Slave?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Humbug, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. OK, so I haven't been using the 900SS much this year. But that doesn't mean things don't go wrong! The clutch fluid goes down very slowly every week.

    The M/C was replaced with new as it definitely was leaking last year (onto the fairing). I now have an old one to get rebuilt sometime by a KTM dealer.

    Please can the more knowledgeable of you advise:

    -Oberon or RSR slave? The RSR is a few quid cheaper but is it the same quality?

    -Should I replace the (original) rubber hydraulic hose?

    -lastly, how the heck do you replace the battery box rubber straps? I have new ones, but can't get the old, cracked, but just about OK ones out of the bb. Do you have to dismantle the whole area around it?


  2. I have had a few bits now from RSR Moto. Their quality and service is second to none!
  3. Yes. Get a black sleeved braided s/s one to look original, or any other colour to show off you’ve a new one.

    Getting the old ones out is easy: use a blunt flat head screwdriver to prod the swelling down through the hole in the battery box and retrieve from underneath. Threading the new ones in is trickier, use rubber grease to help get the flared part through the hole.
  4. I have 2 Oberon's on my Dukes which I have had for several years, brilliant, improve action and no issues. Also bought a good few bits from RSR, carbon parts, and it's very good quality and service. I haven't tried their slaves though. So I can vouch for Oberon, mate has one too.
  5. Thanks for the responses! I'll get the Honda Bros back on the road this week then concentrate on the Duc. Picked up some Dot4, so can at least ride it :)
  6. Sounds like both will do the Job! I’ve had a few Oberon ones and they are perfect also
  7. On the Husqvarnas (which clutches aren’t great) the preferred upgrade is Oberon.

    I opted to replace all the rubber parts (seals etc..) with new ones. But if it fails again I will got for an Oberon.
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