Rugby -wales V Aus Nov 10

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  1. im going to the above game and I’ve now got a spare ticket next to me if anyone wants.

    Block L33 row 12 -map here

    Cost me £65 -not looking for any more than that.

    If it helps the sale this is me at the last game I went to...


    Although I’m not assuming anything gender wise so with a Bit of make up I sometimes look like this, so this sale should appeal to all demographics....I aim to please.

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  2. So you’ve seen yesterday’s highlight -thanks for bringing some cake to the party Scotland-anyone fancy watching wales lose to Australia for the 14th time in a row. ?

    I shall enjoy chucking a Few jibes to the welshies sat around me....
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  3. meh, we are a cricketing nation now :upyeah:
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  4. Would it mean we have too sit together?
  5. methinks he meant crickety nation now.
  6. possibly, cant quite get the hang of the rules and scoring method. what does winning by six runs mean anyhoo?
  7. Lower rated takeaways
  8. Yes, but I’m not sitting In your lap.
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  9. Depends how big the seats are...;)
  10. B2E09A55-1D7C-44FB-828D-60AC61557E85.jpeg
  11. £65 do you get a seat for that? I’ll be at Twickenham on Saturday where the dream of paying just £65 for a ticket would be just that, a dream.
  12. Indeed. I believe that they also give me A three bedroom terraced house in Cardiff as well as part of the ticket price.
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  13. Any takers for the spare ticket?
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  14. Rugby fans ? No one?
  15. Last chance -weather looking good in Cardiff this weekend
  16. already got mine - me and a few mates going. quite enjoy watching as a neutral. very rarely go to Twickenham, as it is far too expensive
  17. Absolutely. Keep an eye out for me , I shall be the one stretched out lounging across my two seats!
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  18. Any takers? Looking like a late heatwave in Cardiff so combine rugby with a bit of afternoon shoppin’?
  19. Bit far for me.
  20. Nice offer but Ill be watching Ireland v Argentina in Ireland
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