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Safe From Hackers At Home V2.

Discussion in 'Clothing, Gadgets & Equipment' started by GunZenBomZ, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Play nice or I'll close this thread down too, and take further action :)
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  2. ET works for GCHQ ;)

    I have worked in cloud technology for the last 4 years, also tracking equipment. Nothing surprises me what the authorities are up to. And I disagree with most of it.

    It's a step towards Logan Run :rolleyes:
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  3. I noticed the other day on either the BBC or DM website this statement "Can hackers turn your toaster on?"

    Well, they can't turn mine on.........

    ......it isn't remote control, unless I get Mrs Arquebus a longer handle for the toasting fork and light the fire........

    ......and she stands in another room.
  4. The only hacker that could ever turn my toaster on was my old granddad (god bless him) who had smoked 40 a day for 50 years ;)
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  5. An interesting dystopian cult sci-fi film; as someone who is about to join the membership of dignitas. Due to possible outcomes of a delicate brain-op I do want the ability to end my life rather than a AI-system deciding my time of death.
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  6. Bob Fleming?

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  7. X10!
  8. They can spy on me all they like I have nothing to hide !!!! And if I did and got caught it's a fair cop !
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  9. Gunzenbomz,
    I doubt we share political views and I don't hold with a lot of your views. However, I work in the cyber security industry & I would support a lot of what you say about the IoT. My advice is Do Not entertain the use of this months fad device or any other interweb connected device that you know nothing of its manufacturer or providence!!
    Data on your lives, business, employers & individuals is being collected but that info is going wider than the shores of the UK.
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  10. Cheers @TonyC I actually posted information on the other smart heating thread, that some 'nest' control devices were found to contain. Microphones which were not yet active but they would of had the ability to listen into peoples homes. As these massive companies make the obligation we read terms of service lark, which very few actually do. Which usually contains a part that they can add new terms without notice. The company apologized and stated it was something they'd inform customers of (from memory) & none were ever active. But it was again a turning point, people like myself have been warning about that corporations assuming nothing is sacred or out of their reach & remit.

    Man I should of used this thread about yesterdays internet been down, limiting googles 'smart-home' products useless. And other companies IoT kit a novelty trinket for a number of hours.
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  11. Privacy fears after used Nest cameras were hit by bug that let their previous owner SNOOP on the person that bought it next

    Hey the IoT (internet of things) is so cool & safe,..
  12. We slept walked into 1984 yonks ago. Beauty of it was that we paid for it ourselves. Every post on here contributes to a profile of some sort. Thats why I have been pretending to be a twat. You won't catch me with my trousers.
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  13. Google sent out an update that 'bricks' google home speaker & google home mini's it sells. It's agreed to offer a replacement to customers if unable to fix speakers, all I'm seeing is that this company can 'brick' stuff they sold via updates..worried yet?

    They are now claiming it was a glitch & offer a fix supposedly or new free speakers.
  14. Considering a lot of cars now have OTA updates and could potentially be bricked, I don't really worry about a £35 smart speaker.

    Chances are slim of a full on brick
  15. I must admit I do get worried about someone gaining access through my backdoor and giving me a virus :D

    If it leaves your finger tips when you press enter the internet, then consider it available to everyone.

    Hold some perspective though, I doubt me ordering a 916 rear lens, is going to get gchq or jsoc watching me like I'm about to steal Trumps hair implants
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  16. and you work in King’s Cross?...
  17. That’s the trouble, I’m not clever enough to know, though you might be, what information or profile they could make or gather on me to influence decisions I might make in the future or use against me.
    Am I being paranoid :eek:
  18. Yes you are ,unless of course you are up to no good then no you are not .
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