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Sardinia And Corsica

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Dave, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Packing riding gear as I’m off tomorrow for a week riding round Sardinia and Corsica. No Africa Twins available for hire sadly, could have had a Multi but have gone for a GS as MrsH much prefers them for pillion.

    Short flight from Bristol airport and we’ll be in the sun. I’ll report back here but by all accounts the riding is amazing. Food should be good too. Can’t wait :)



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  2. Will look forward to your views
  3. We were intending to ride down there this year but that plan got canned in the end. Will be interested in how you find it. Weather looks good, off to Portugal on Sunday and it looks a bit iffy there, better than here though.
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  4. The roads in Corsica are fantastic. Have a great time. I was there about 15 yrs ago.
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  5. I am bloody Jealous - hope it is good.
  6. Sounds great. Enjoy!!
  7. Certainly looks far nicer weather there than here.:upyeah:
  8. Just landed and now waiting for baggage. Should be able to share some video of these roads as I bought myself a new GoPro at the airport. They have a new model coming out so the current top of the range 7 has been handsomely discounted and is plenty good enough for me.
  9. Can recommend Sardinia - but don’t rush it!!!
  10. Hotel in Olbia, with bikes waiting :)

    57660B0A-5EB9-489B-A639-3BA0FA29FDAA.jpeg E1646405-82A9-45F7-9A48-23092CD23F80.jpeg
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  11. A bit of a paddle in the sea


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  12. ... and then check the bikes out. Pretty much every kind of BMW you can imagine !

    GSs ...

    XRs ...

    and all kinds of other shit ...

    Dash on the GS is pretty cool ...
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  13. Looks like mine ;)

    You’ll love it :upyeah:
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  14. I can confirm that Corsica is really something for motorcycling..stunning roads, views and sun. Pretty damn good for hiking too - GR20 is a real experience.
    Have fun!
  15. This is the plan ...

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  16. looks pants dave. it wouldn't be me. I bet its too hot as well.
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  17. So this was today’s ride ...




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  18. Here’s the group ‘briefing’ this morning ... a bit more organised than the usual Ducati Forum Euro-mini-break shambles ;-)


    From left to right:

    Ali, riding a GS1250, one of three from Pune, India.
    Mike, also riding a GS1250 and (out of shot) his Mrs, Debbie, from US.
    Yours truly.
    Jignesh and Karush from Pune. One riding a RS1250 and the other riding an R1250.
    Tess and Lydia from the US. One riding a little GS, the other riding a S1000XR.
    Isaac from Oz, riding an S1000XR.
    Our guide, Rok, in the middle. He’s on a GS.
  19. Looks like ex military personnel on site with forward planning,whatever happened to follow my leader.;)
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  20. I’ve done a few trips to Portugal and Morocco with ex-military types and it was never like this ;-)
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