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Scrambler Joyvolution: Lots More Fun In The Land Of Joy

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Sep 10, 2018.

    • Ducati presents the new Scrambler Icon, to go on sale from November
    • Even more fun, more comfortable and safer thanks to new electronics
    • Just four years on from the brand launch, more than 55,000 Ducati Scramblers have been sold worldwide
    Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 10 September 2018 - The latest Ducati Scrambler makeover provides a bike that is now even more contemporary, comfortable and safe, taking ‘Land of Joy’ fun to new heights. Affordable and essential, the Ducati Scrambler is the perfect blend of tradition and innovativeness. Even in this latest 'Joyvolution' incarnation, it retains the pure essence of motorcycling: two wheels, a wide handlebar, a simple engine and endless fun. What's more, the new Bosch Cornering ABS maximises active safety during braking, adding an extra layer of untroubled freedom.

    The Ducati Scrambler brand, launched in 2014 to 'speak a new motorcycling language', puts a modern-day slant on the ethos of the 1960s Scrambler. It's fair to say that it's no mere motorcycle, it's a veritable lifestyle. Free-spirited, go-getting and non-conformist, open to other cultures and styles, Ducati Scrambler has created a world - the 'Land of Joy' – where aficionados can share their experiences and ideals. A world in which the protagonists are not bikes or performance but people and their passions: music, cinema, art, photography, street food. A new approach that takes the motorcycling experience to the next level.

    Ever since its launch, the Ducati Scrambler has set a whole new standard by offering a fresh take on motorcycling. In 2015 it became the world's 10th best-selling bike over 500 cc, an absolute first for the Bologna-based bike manufacturer. Four years on from the brand launch, more than 55,000 Scrambler bikes have been sold worldwide.

    The breadth of the brand is also evident in the four mono brand Scrambler Camp stores in Padua, Borgo Panigale, Barcelona and New York, and the two Scrambler Food factory restaurants opened in Bologna.

    The first result of the Joyvolution is the new Scrambler Icon. The aluminium of the new, beefier side panels matches the steel of the teardrop tank and the glass of the headlight flawlessly. A black-painted engine, brushed cylinder head fins and machine-finished rims give the Ducati Scrambler eye-catching panache.

    The all-new headlight with LED DRL (Daytime Running Light) boosts bike visibility in traffic, even in daylight, as do the new auto-off LED indicators. More ergonomic switchgears make it easier for the rider to scroll the LCD instrument menu, which now includes fuel level info.

    On the Ducati Scrambler the high, wide handlebars, the new flat seat and renewed suspension set-up merge to ensure an outstandingly comfortable, relaxed riding position. Low weight, low centre of gravity and slightly chunky tyre treads ensure great handling and pure fun whatever the situation; thanks to the safety provided by Bosch Cornering ABS - all-new and exclusive for this category of vehicle - riding is now more carefree than ever. Riders will also appreciate the new softer-feel hydraulic clutch control, while the adjustable lever - like the one on the front brake - ensures the lever-handlebar gap can be adapted to individual needs.

    Ducati Scrambler is a lifestyle brand. It draws its inspiration from multiple sources, including music, as a listen to Scrambler Web Radio (available 24/7 at scramblerducati.com) clearly shows. Thanks to the Ducati Multimedia System, riders of the new Scrambler can now listen to their favourite playlists, answer calls or chat with the passenger.

    The Scrambler Icon is available in Atomic Tangerine with black frame and a black seat with grey trim or in classic ’62 Yellow with black frame and black seat with grey trim.

    To see the official Scrambler Icon launch video check out the brand's social network sites or go to the website and share the content with the hashtag #joyvolution and #scramblerducati.

    A complete press kit containing all the photos and detailed bike info is available from mediahouse.com.

    The Joyvolution has just begun: as always, this coming Autumn in the Land of Joy promises to be full of surprises.
  1. Joyvolution :mad:
  2. What? It's better than revolution or evolution... it's cheerful. Also, now in ORANGE
  3. It's very very very silly :rolleyes:
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  4. Great that the technology side of things have improved however, even though they say the suspension has been improved, I would like to know in what way? Better suspension options would of been the way to go.
    I would like to of seen a 17" front wheel too.
  5. Superficially looks the same.

    Fuel gauge, gear indicator and hydraulic clutch are nice upgrades.
  6. I have got a Scrambler italia special addition & love just as much as my Supersport S...I have spoke to some Scrambler owers who have spent a small fortune changing the suspension...IMO a waist of money its not necessary, mine handles brilliantly its a great fun bike to ride, ok the sus' is a bit firm but I am happy with it & its certainly not bad enough to warrant changing it, some people must like wasting their cash...that's my 2 cents worth
  7. I tend to agree Tonup, when I first bought mine 2 years ago I was all for changing the front suspension, but at £800+ for Ktech I bought an old CBR1000F to use for very long journeys instead, and saved £200!, it also doubles up as a winter hack, now I’ve done 8k miles on the Scrambler the front really doesn’t feel as harsh, it feels fine in fact, I have fitted flat bars so maybe the bumps on the road are less amplified?, the Icon seat is pathetic, I fitted the leather one from the Italia and it’s better, I also removed the tool recess which again improved comfort, the only thing that bugs me about the bike now is the indicator cancel button, it’s a stupid design that can lead to leaving the indicators on as you can’t feel if it’s clicked off when wearing gloves, other than that I love it.
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  8. You're such a Stuffydourpuss :mad:
  9. Yes, when it comes to joyvolfrigginlution ffs - you would be too :mad::mad:
  10. Have you been asked to buy one? No? Then shut it :p
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  11. I said that until I changed it... and now I still say that. Marginal improvement... :D
  12. Hi Mr JoyLotion, not asked exactly, but I know someone v.cute that want's one :scream:
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  13. Me? :thinkingface:
  14. :eyes:
  15. :eyes:
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  16. Scramblers are fun and ace.
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  17. This
  18. Did somebody say Joyvolution?

    Wow.....just wow
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