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Scrambler Joyvolution: Lots More Fun In The Land Of Joy

Discussion in 'Front Page Articles' started by El Toro, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Hi Mark

    long time no see, don't tell me you have bought a scooter for your self now to keep up with your missus...:astonished:
    Guess who this is [I think you may already know] ? message private in your post box.
  2. Ha, hi Gra, couldn’t figure out how to reply to the PM I’ll figure it out later when I’ve got time, I was at CMC Italian day but didn’t get there til about 2pm, look fwd to hearing about SOHC!.
    And no I can’t keep up with my missus on her scoot, she’s quicker than Rossi!
  3. Go onto your profile & postings, however I could only place a short message as its restricted .
    I'll let you know about the SOHC debacle when I see you.
  4. But.....Joyvolution?
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  5. Cuntalution.
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  6. It's basically a pretty good bike, clouded by marketing twaddle. It was all the same in 2015 when they launched it, they've just updated the twaddle. Nobody died though.

    Looking at it from a high level, they've sold 55k Scramblers in 36 months... so either the bikes are quite popular or the twaddle works. :D
  7. If it's the twaddle that works you need to give yourself a good talking to :thinkingface:
  8. The twaddle is just that, twaddle. The bikes are good though. And brilliant fun.
  9. Nah, I like the bike. :)

    Don't seem to have felt the urge to listen to Scrambler radio or to ride in flip flops while grinning and looking carefree.
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