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Screen Damage Solution?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Danny Duc, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys

    Does anyone know of any solution to this issue?


    It's not deep at all, and doesn't let moisture in so not worried about that, but looking at it every 5 seconds is a nightmare :(

    I have considered a screen protector (bit late I know)

    Or maybe even laying a slight tint over a screen protector to make it slightly less obvious?

    Any ideas? :)
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  3. Thanks Andy :)
  4. Well quick update on the dash marks

    It seems there were a lot more than previously thought :/

    After a good clean (and with the dash off) as you can see it's pretty bashed about!


    I am now trying to find a company who can polish all this crap out, but so far no luck :(

    I did try out a couple of cheap screen protectors using a headlight tint, and a piece of light tint window tinting film, which did make it look better, but no 100%

    So if anyone can suggest any other solution here that would be awesome :)

    I#m sure there must be a UK company who can just rub the top coat off, then polish it back again? doesn#t seem like it would be that tough to do?
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