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Scrote Rides Straight Into A Police Car!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Jez900ie, Sep 10, 2020.

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  2. shame the police car stopped. no doubt the suspect will be given some kind of community order, following a sob story about how he's had a hard childhood and is really really sorry and promises not to do it again.
  3. Gotta love a scrote takedown. :) :upyeah:
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  4. Fucker will be out on community service, free to stab someone.
  5. And his "solicitor" will apply for compo!
  6. Yep compensation for ptsd and will no longer be able to ride a moped due to the anxiety and panic attacks brought on by being knocked off and so this will affect his employment opportunities as it restricts his ability to travel and severely restrict his existing earning capabilities because he will now have to rob using a bicycle or on foot.
  7. Great take-down, well done Met. Hope the moped rider gets an appropriate sentance. Love the way that the cop on the bike revs his engine after stopping as if to indicate "stay down or I'll run you down" :D
  8. For all those who feel he may not be dealt with correctly by the courts please remember to vote for the law and order party at the next election.
  9. Why are most of these scrotes of a certain ethnicity.
    Black lives matter!
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  10. Because in parts of inner London (and I'm sure other cities) those ethnicities are in the majority.
    I fully agree that Black Lives Matter, but scrotes lives don't in my book.

    Steve R
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  11. There's maybe a legitimate opening for him as an engine tuner if he can get that moped to do 70mph :astonished:.

    That said, I'm glad to see him taken out.
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  12. It isn’t that hard to get a moped up to that speed: just swap the engine for a 125cc lump, or a hayabusa engine if you are feeling adventurous!
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  13. If you read it carefully, it’s typical journalism in that it makes it look like they’re referring to the rider for the sake of sensationalism but the writer is just as or probably more likely referring to the speeds reached by the Police giving chase. If it’s the area I think it is, due to traffic conditions at that time of day, it would be pretty difficult for a 125 moped to be accelerating long enough to get up to 70, which is pretty close to its top speed.

    The pursuit ensued from Kings Road down into Lambeth at high speed – at times in excess of 70mph in residential areas.”
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  14. Erm, like these guys, also in a suburb of London?


    Also, have you ever noticed that most child molesters tend to be white, as opposed to a “certain ethnicity”? Or do they get a pass from you?
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  15. Unlikely. The starting point even for DD which is less serious than that is “committal to Crown Court”, ie: over 6 months prison. If he’s lucky he’ll get a Bender (suspended sentence), but if I were his counsel I’d be telling him to pack a toothbrush as on those facts immediate custody is the most likely outcome.
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  16. Although I've lived in Cornwall for getting on for 30 years now, I'm still a dyed in the wool working class Eastender.
    I have to reply here that there's scrotes in all communities no matter what race/creed or colour they are IME.
    The decent members of all ethnic groups far outweigh the scrotes and that's a FACT!
    Please don't fall into the all too easy trap of tarnishing everyone of any group with the same brush.

    Steve R
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  17. Bad people do bad things no matter their ethnicity, I don't think in any of these cases the alleged or convicted criminals photos need be published.

  18. Gets 12 months at best. Out on tag in 12 weeks.
  19. Unfortunately a great deal of people use the words "Moped" to describe any scooter vehicle.
    Most of us here are of an age where we endured the real meaning of the word.
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