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1200 Seat

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Ducati Dave, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Big thanks to Fred at AR Youngs in Baldock, Herts, who recovered my seats in memory foam. He did a great job and I couldn't be more satisfied with the result or the price (£75). Touring in France this year, four-hour stints in the saddle were so much more comfortable, particularly for my wife who really hated the original granite slab Ducati covered with vinyl and passed off as a seat! Pic atttached

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  2. Do they squash down a lot?
    They looked quite rounded in the photo and higher at the front.

    (I still just wish they would fit the Enduro seat to a normal Multi)
  3. That looks like it might be an idea. I have had my 2014 model 1200 multi for 6 weeks and it is not the most comfortable seat i have ever used. I live in stevenage so i might just have to give this a try.

    Used to have an ST4S that i had a modified seat made for and it was soo much better than standard, especially for the pillion. Still have the seat but not the bike.... well you never know.
  4. If you can get hold of the seats off the GT model they are completely different to standard and good enough for all day comfort ......well the riders seat is, i have never sat on the pillion seat. I have done 750 miles in a day on mine more than once without major discomfort and 400 miles is no problem at all
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  5. Just come back from a week in Normandy with x2 500 mile days (Nottingham-Dover-Calais-St Mere Eglise) and I was a cripple. The standard 1200 DVT seat is terrible!
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  6. Hi Biggin, I would love to know the part number on your GT seat, I've been searching here but haven't found any mention.
    Any help would expect great
  7. Sorry Carl i dont have a part number but they only came with the 2013-2014 Grantourismo model if thats any help and i am not sure of the exact differences from the standard seats apart from the "comfort seat" description mentioned in all the GT press reviews when they list the different kit on the GT from the standard bike.

    As far as i know there isnt one for the DVT bikes but i stand to be corrected.
  8. Hi Bigyin

    Thank you for the quick reply yesterday, and sorry for the name typo in my post, using my mobile is never 100% correct with auto correct doing its thing.

    So, do I presume correctly you have tried the standard 2013/14 seat and found the GT version better / more comfortable ?

    Also, this is my first MTS and in fact my very first Ducati. So coming from decades of Honda’s it’s been a strange process for me, but its actually been a very pleasant surprise in terms of what you can actually due with the MTS.

    Still trying to find a list of all the areas I need to address / check with this model, so far it’s just been sorting out the wobbly tail unit and floppy indicators, but this weekend im going to look at removing the butterfly valve in the exhaust.

    I did do some more research today regarding the seats, and this is what I found.



    1. 1st series multi seat model 2010 / 2012

    2. 2nd series multi seat model 2013/14 ( twin spark ) This is the year model MTS I have, part number 59511752A

    3. Comfort / Touring seat for year 2013/14 (optional from Ducati) costs 174€ part number 96700012B

    4. GT seat from the Granturismo 2013/14 ( I think this is what you have ) costs 169€ part number 59511771A now superseded by 59511772A and is available in the UK for around £200.

    Comments from other MTS owners:

    2. Looks better than 1, but seems to be a bit harder than 1.

    3. Not reported as softer than 2, but it is slightly wider, especially at the tank area, and has a carbon type effect band, around the front and rear edges.

    4. Has nice red stitching and is wider than 3 and 2, but not softer, but reported as much more comfortable than 2.
  9. Carl i didnt try the standard 2013/14 seat as my bike was the GT version so thats what i know ..I have ridden an earlier MTS 2010 and found the GT more comfortable. There could be a valid point on the difference in the width of the GT from standard to spread the weight as on a long tour after 500 miles during the day i was still ok comfort wise but my mate on a KTM 1190 was in agony as the seat on that is very narrow and flat... i could still keep going for tank full at a time but he needed rest after just 70-80 miles at a time. we did over 750 miles and my arse was still fairly comfortable

    The wobbly hanger and indicators is a common theme, My first GT needed a couple of washers to stiffen up the hanger unit, the second one seems ok so far but only 6000 miles on it. Also check if the rear wheel speed sensor has had the longer cable fitted as it WILL wear through and fail if it hasnt been done. I dont think its a recall but Ducati will fix them when they fail. Fork seals also seem to go at fairly low miles..... mine went about 11,000 twice till i put some Kriega seal protectors on them
  10. Hi Bigyin

    Thanks for the heads up on the speed sensor cable.. I will check.

    With regards to the seat, I have only been doing relatively short runs since I got her (100 miles) each time, and they have been fairly spirited rides with zero cruising. The problem I find with the seat is, its slippery and when you brake hard you slide / slam forward, which is not great just as your about to enter a corner. Comfort wise it has been ok – just, so far.

    Our village bike group season is well underway and they are discussing this and next year’s tour options, so I decided to go on a longer run this week and put some motorway miles on the Multi and see how the seat felt. The last thing I wanted to happen was to head off on a 5-day tour and 6 hours into the journey have seat problems.

    So, 413km ( about 260miles) later, I can say it’s not good, and I wanted to get off the Multi after only an hour to 1.5 hours, and I was feeling fairly uncomfortable once I got back. I was so disappointed…

    On the way back I was trying to decide what to do, sell the Multi I have just bought or try another seat. But… she’s so beautiful I couldn’t really sell her, so once home, I went online and ordered a Touratech Comfort Seat.

    This is the actual seat I have ordered:
    Touratech Comfort DriRide - standard height seat
    Part number: 01-620-5904-0

    The seat will be here next week, so once its fitted and I have had time to try both short runs and a longer tour I will report back.

    I also need to find time to strip / clean the front calliper pistons, but that’s for another post.

  11. I have modified two front seats on my 16 dvt, so have one for sale in the for sale section, approx 2” higher, there are pics, and heaps more comfortable.
  12. I may wade in here!
    I have the 2013 GT having owned a 2010 MTS. I honestly think the seats themselves are much the same but the seat width is where the issues lie.
    Personally I preferred the 2010 seat because its narrower.
    About the wobbly rear indicators, I noticed mine whilst following my bike on a mates er6f on Sunday. (You'll never complain about a MTS seat after an hour on that). Is there a home fix cos mine were all over the place!
  13. The comfort seat is a huge improvement, it stops you sliding forward and squashing your nuts

  14. You can undo the underside of the numberplate hanger and move the indicators inwards by one notch. It'll be quite tight to fasten it back together, but they won't wobble anymore
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  15. I believe there’s a mod for the rear light bounce as well.
  16. Mine was to release the holding nuts and put a couple of washers in then tighten them up again which stiffened it up and didnt wobble anymore
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  17. Carl
    How's the seat I'm thinking of buying a multistrada for a bit of touring and just needed advise of what the best seat is
  18. Hi Clarkey

    The seat I bought is much much better. It feels firmer to start with but it's big improvement on the standard seat. You sit ever so slightly higher but the big plus is that it does not crush the gentlemen's parts...smile.

    I came to the multi from sports bikes and I dont think I will go back. You really can do everything on these.

    Before I bought my 2013/14 version I tried the earlier version and the DVT and didn't like the slower handling of the dvt or the electronic suspension But that's just my thoughts.

    I think the 1260 is better but I have not tried it.

    Let me know if you get one.
  19. Carl
    Thanks for getting back to me I also going from a sports bike to a multistrada going to be either selling or px my 1199s Pannigale for one
    Hopefully test riding a pike peaks on Sunday so will have about £10,000 to play with I also have a speed triple which a mate might buy off me if he does I can probably go to £14,000 whats your thoughts of the skyhook Suspention is it worth me going the extra mile for Öhlins
    Thanks will keep you posted
  20. Hopefully test riding a pike peaks on Sunday so will have about £10,000 to play with I also have a speed triple which a mate might buy off me if he does I can probably go to £14,000

    Hi Clarkey.
    It's funny as that was the budge in euros I was working with. 10K. I did try a 2014 PP and it was brilliant so if your budget allows then that is the one to get.

    I decided to look at the bigger long term view and I knew it would involve tours and longer trips. So my priority was finding a good one . Dealer serviced. None skyhook. With the full touring - GT pack heated grips and so on. So my decision came down to standard PP. Or a none S fully loaded.

    So just have a think about what type of riding your going to do the PP is the one to get if you have the cash but you will need extra to get the panniers and top box if some touring is planned.

    I have started adding some colour and carbon wrapping to mine - see separate post - and currenty designing - cutting my own Pearl White graphics.

    Your going to love the Sunday test ride.... make sure your wallet is full.
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