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Seized Front Sprocket.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by West Cork Paul, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. No, the oil was dissolved by the peanut butter - however, that may also serve as a suitable basting fluid :thinkingface:
  2. Ohhh, OK then:worried:. I have actually got 2 new exhaust header gaskets on back order from Ducati.
    A Senna version you mean? Good idea.
    Just for all my adoring, and helpful, fans, and for the greater good of keeping you all amused as autumn, then winter, approaches I will do it:D
    Congealed peanut butter from the last time it was serviced by a Ducati dealer I think:thinkingface:;). Actually it wasn’t rust, it was corrosion, that’s much worse.
    :DHe he he, done that already, out, cleaned, greased, back in. Piece of cake:upyeah:. Mind you it had been well prepped with penetrating oil but admittedly it did come out much easier than I expected after all the horror stories on here. I reckon the socket was karma for the swingarm pivot bolt:confused:
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  3. Eh?
  4. Oh, just worked it out
    thank F for that:)
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  5. Could use goose fat?
  6. Had to read that twice, Thought it was TPFT,
    Third Party FIRE And THEFT :)
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  7. Too expensive
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  8. put it back in the pot afterwards, just don't tell the mrs :D
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  9. Wednesday looms on the horizon ,can't wait for tomorrows instalment.
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  10. :eyes:
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  11. You appear to have missed the denouement by skipping some pages....is that how you managed War and Peace?
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  12. Was there more than two?
  13. Dear Richard,
    Thank you for raising the delicate subject of loose cross members. It’s always a shame when one of our members is let loose, let alone one who’s cross (like many on here due to age;)). If I may be bold as to suggest you ought to restrain your member better that way it won’t frighten the neighbours; I find peanut butter works a treat. Alternatively just leave it hanging out in all weathers for 6 years after which it will be either rock solid or have fallen off.
    Yours faithfully
    Aunty Agony
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  14. I’ve had it off :D I tricked Sprocket into thinking I was attacking again on Wed, then snuck up on him last night. I had the BBC film it too, post #342.

    My tactics were straight out of Sun Tzu and The Art of War & Motorcycle Maintenance. It’s a bit more hard core than the Zen version; but worked a treat
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  15. Only 2 halves :grinning:
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  16. Dear Agony Eejit,
    I think you need to start a new “Ask Paul” thread. Hours of endless amusement beckons as the evenings draw in.
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  17. #341 :eyes:
  18. Only two more posts until we reach 400!
    Oops. One more......
  19. KEh? :bucktooth:
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