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Seized Front Sprocket.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by West Cork Paul, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. I've no idea, some fecking eejit:mad:.
    It's very fecking simple. It says so in my Haynes manual. Take the chain off the sprocket and slide it off the output shaft. It's not fecking difficult. Why some moron had to cut the bucking thing in half I'll never understand:confused:

    Fat thumb/finger syndrome:(. Thanks:upyeah:
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  2. Did you note which way round it was fitted :eyes: if not follow my link to a video :yum
  3. famous last words from a few days ago:astonished:.

    For everyone's information a grinder and a dremel WILL NOT have it off in no time. I left the two of them together on the garage floor all night and sweet FA happened:(. There was zero attraction. Zilcho copulation.

    Additionally, when I used them on Sprocket the angle grinder is too big and the dremel won't fit in to cut all the way through. The last bit has to be done by hand with a hacksaw, unless you don't care what happens to the output shaft:worried:. That is one f**king mother**ker of a piece of hardened steel to have to cut througho_O


    Grease your shafts boys, grease your shafts:D

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  4. Cheesus bucking H Christ:mad:. I never thought of taking a photo. Bollicks!:mad:

    I'm flummoxed now when I come to put the new one on (having cleaned all the corrosion off my shaft and greased it).

    Which way round should it go?
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  5. Not sure :thinkingface: maybe start a thread and ask :eyes:
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  6. Dear Richard,
    What an excellent idea. Over to you to start the thread, just tag me in it. When the summer’s over, the tourists have left, the swallows have flown back to Africa and the yachts & ribs have left the harbour it gets a bit quiet around here. I’d enjoy the craic:upyeah:
    Yours faithfully
    Aunty Agony
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  7. A thread? Does it screw on? Oh FFS no wonder I couldn’t get it off. I thought it slid off not screwed off. Fecking Haynes Manual’s full of fake news :mad:
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  8. 21 pages of rivetting entertainment! Lots of talk! Lots of abuse, verbal, mental and mechanical, and and and no-one appears to have spat the dummy, tossed their toys or flown off the handle! (Or shaft!)
    I for one am gutted that this thread has reached a conclusion! If only we could have done more to pad this out, at least until Sept...I propose that we have this event every month, this one being the first called Mechanical Violations for the 8th month or, for short, MV August.....oh no wait, hang on...anyway.....awesome!
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  9. Haven't read the thread (it's bloody long!) but why did Customs seize your sprocket? Was it from Iran?
  10. Perhaps do a quick check of the main bearings - just for piece of mind? :D
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  11. give it up Harry.. it's over..


    there'll be another seizure along soon - 'promise.

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  12. :eyes:Eh? No comprendo.

    Did I miss some posts?
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  13. The thread is called "Seized Front Sprocket" but you have yet to tell us who it was who seized it. Or is that in the thread?
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  14. Duhhhh. A bit tired this morning:(.

    Anyway it was seized by GOD (Gearbox Output Driveshaft). I don't know if he/she is Iranian or not and don't wish to find out as he/she is still in my garage and I don't want to be nicked for harbouring illegal immigrants.

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  15. Iranians aren't necessarily illegal?
  16. The Iranian wimmins taking off their hajibs are illegal, Harry. Stop fomenting rebellion, you scally.
  17. I believe you are slightly mistaken, as Iranian wimmins only wear headscarves and get to drive and everything - all my previous Iranian colleagues have reported driving spats with their wives :bucktooth: it's the Arabs that treat their wimmins in a less tolerant fashion....
    Happy to forment ;)
  18. Iran, Harry. Iran.

    Iranian wimmins are going to prison if they take part in "White Wednesday" type demonstrations - ie taking off their hijabs in Iran.

    OTOH, Arab men are really smart, and are always five steps ahead of their wimmins. Plus, they care enough to take lessons on the proper way to beat their wives. Western men would never take lessons, selfish gits.

    ; o )
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  19. I do think Iran is misunderstood - something to do with western MSM :thinkingface:
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  20. Iran was, and could be again, a marvellous place. They just need to get rid of the repressive theocracy they have there.

    No idea what the MSM is saying about it, mind. I don't pay them much mind : o )
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