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Seized Front Sprocket.

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by West Cork Paul, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Whatever you do, don't grease the sprocket :p
  2. I've not heard of White Wednesday or any hijab removal arrests - I can do some digging with Iranian friends to confirm though. My impression has always been that the regime is backward and strict but not as backward and strict as some other neighbours and not as bas as it is portrayed by anti Iranian regime western propaganda.

    I don't have a 'shitter' account so can't see the link :thinkingface:
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  3. A new social media campaign against a law which forces women to wear a headscarf is gaining momentum in Iran
    Headscarves, not the 'hijab' which brings images of letterboxes thanks to BloJob :D
    Still, a bit shit to make people wear stuff if they don't really want to and then throw them in the slammer (if, indeed, they do that for the outrageous infraction)
  4. I’d like one but have no metalworking facilities; I’ll have to find a local blacksmith. Mind you, see below, there may not be enough room.
    You’re getting me worried now:worried: I’m going to have to check today.
    I would but there’s no money left in the COFFERS to buy some more drill bits:D
    :confused:Why? Tis done already, top quality peanut butter.
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  5. A certain amount of trolling and TRIGGERING going on in this post. You'll be hearing from my solicitor.

    @PaulPhillips Paul, I may have a bit of business for you, some keyboard warrior on the internet causing big trub ...
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  6. For info rom an Iranian colleague;

    Apparently there was couple of cases in the past 4-5 months and couple of women were arrested at that time but as far as I know nothing recent. To be honest I think this is more anti-Iranian propaganda now which was originally started by US

    Some truth but perhaps not as bad as reports?
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  7. Tenuous Iran link

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  8. And another :D
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  9. Flock of Seagulls ..... Ha !

    Remember Jules in Pulp Fiction ?
    " Hey you , Flock of Seagulls ! " .... classic

    I Ran
    It grates , every time I hear an American say it .

    Try going up to the passport window on arrival in the states , and saying
    " Is this the "Eye" -migration desk ? "
    Actually , do not do that ....
    those people have no sense of humour whatsoever

    On my first flight they gave out visa-waiver forms for tourists , and one of the questions was -
    " Are you entering the USA for the purpose of committing acts of terrorism ?
    ..... check Yes or No "

    I'm not making this up !

    Subtlety and dry humour are just alien to them .

    What was that about a sprocket ?

    Sorry .... :)
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    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  10. I remember that question :bucktooth:

    Absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever in any immigration point in any country, but I think America does actually win :D
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  11. My father in law was taken aside and given a massive dressing down by an American immigration guy. No sense of humour and FIL made a joke and did the Meet the Fockers classic and said "it's not like I've got a bomb"...

    The B word in an American airport:scream:
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  12. Saw this and thought of you

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  13. Thanks. What a fantastic tool. I want one:D
  14. "Nut splitter" was my ex's nickname!
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