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Sell Or Part Out?

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by golfgeezer, May 1, 2019.

  1. I'm not sure, there's some peachy parts with this one.
  2. Start price was 5k but i offered him much more,but no GO:( it had frame paint damage/paint work ok but not that great.and very dirty.
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  3. Yes I’d prefer to sell everything together. It’s sitting as per the first pic above as of now so standard . I’ve got the black mirrors but prefer the red. I bought it with the intention to keep it forever and do what I could and outsource to an independent for the stuff I couldn’t. It’s sat in the corner of the garage under a cover a bit forgotten. Now I have the M900 realistically it could sit untouched for years to come so it’s time someone with more skill and motivation to get it back on the road where it belongs.
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  4. it need so little work though, did you ever ride it? This will be a cracking bike for someone at exactly the right time of year to sell.

    If selling on here, might want to think about "cough!" subscribing though.
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  5. For want of £1500 or so of servicing and fettling. Yes.

    And indeed, do subscribe... we're quite vociferous about this.
  6. @golfgeezer this will easily sell. Youll obviously get more money if you part out the extras after returning the bike to how you got it. To someone like me who does their own work, it wouldnt take much to get it back on the road, but youll have to factor in the cost of getting it roadworthy. I would be interested myself if I had the room and spare cash. GLWS
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  7. The bike is now sitting exactly as I got it apart from the mirrors which I can easily change back. Pics attached of all the bits I’ve accumulated B8D5902D-9A22-401D-8174-C757C9938249.jpeg F9684EBB-3FF2-4F01-B996-1973E929DA28.jpeg EF1525B7-B45A-47AC-AFBB-1D7EA997A46D.jpeg 3DFEC963-EA00-4A5B-915A-40774795E536.jpeg
  8. Youll get good money for those parts
  9. If you break it to sell as parts and spares, you will be waiting quite a while to get rid of most and even longer to get shot of all; if in fact you do - invariably you will get left with bits that nobody wants.
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  10. Yeah but those parts hes pictured will sell. They are desireable parts, apart from perhaps the mirrors. Hell make more money, even if he doesnt sell those. Its worth waiting a bit
  11. “cough” done. Proper ad in the correct section on its way.
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  12. If you part it out, I'd like the full fairings, mirrors and rear hugger.
  13. They're two very different animals though.
    One will never be the other, and they have very very different characters.

    One is a stonking watercooled basis for a superbike racer...

    The SS is a gutless underpowered package with a simplicity that would make a slab of cheese jealous by comparison. It's also just perfect for real world b-road grins, its a sensory experience, the soundtrack of the aircooled engine just rattling and clacking away, the fact that the mechanical noise will drown out the exhaust system from certain angles, and the sublime chassis.
    In terms of kilojewels of fun per hp SS is hard to beat - its the same as riding a little 400 or 250 2t, where you use more of the bike to do the most mundane of things. - But I'm biased because I just love them.

    so... might as well buy both :)
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  14. I'd have to agree Chris. Your extra bits are worth more separate that if they're part of the bike, or you demonstrate that you have all the original bits to convert back to standard - if the new owner can be arsed.

    Obviously if the bits are sympathetic to the bike then, its a different story, it makes the thing more desirable - termi etc.
    If its just stick on anodised red tat, black screens, and LED mirrors then bin them off.

    There's nothing on that bits list which is bad, and if the half fairing and seat unit are genuine ducati, they're hens teeth now so if you were going to sell it, I'd ask which fairing / seat options he wanted and then sell the other set separately.

    The half fairing and the seat unit with foams will all fetch good money, with the correct brackets as well you can add another fifty to 100 on top.

    Please don't part the bike out - its just far too nice.
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  15. You still got the exhaust hanger setup for high level / SL pipes ?
  16. I do as it happens :upyeah:
  17. Hi. From reading this entire thread it looks like you’ve got plenty of interest in the parts including the half fairing and seat unit and brackets currently fitted to the bike.

    I’d be interested in taking the bike minus any rear seat or fairing. Alternatively how much do you want for the whole lot and I’ll sell the bits separately.

    I hope none of this sound vulture like. Im hoping to build a high quality faired cafe racer based on a SS series machine this winter and your bike sounds like a perfect base.
  18. The bike sold a while ago I’m afraid as did the majority of parts. Good luck with your search. It sounds a fun project.
  19. Thanks.
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